Clean Air Houston Pro has managed to retain its top position for its residential and commercial air duct cleaning services from the time of its small beginning. The owners of the carpet cleaning Houston business said that over the years, the company has expanded and included a number of services and people to carry out an array of jobs. Yet, it has stayed the favorite for duct cleaning. The professionals deliver work timely, so as to improve on the quality of air in homes and offices. Now that the firm has decided to operate on a 24/7 basis, customers can call and get their issues sorted, without having to worry unnecessarily.

As the air duct cleaning Houston TX company officials have rightly pointed out that most people fail to maintain the systems on a regular level. “Chances of cutting down on expensive repairs are minimized considerably if periodic checks are conducted. Our technicians take the onus for completion of all the work related to air duct cleaning, repair and maintenance. And there are reasons why we have been the chosen ones for all these years,” said a senior member, associated with Clean Air Houston Pro for long.

He said that the techniques and tools used for cleaning are quite advanced, and better than most of their counterparts. “We check to see that optimum level of service is offered, the air quality is enhanced by several notches, customers’ satisfaction is guaranteed and efficiency in services and feasible ratings are applicable for all,” he added.

The air duct cleaning Houston company also specializes in dryer vent cleaning, HVAC services, sewage cleanup, carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, reconstruction services and more. The beginnings were very humble for the family business, which eventually turned into a full-fledged company.

The CEO, Ben Shalom said, “The duct cleaning equipment used by the experts is so portable that the job can be finished within 4-5 hours. The professionals own the necessary qualifications and have undergone training programs and certification to get the required licensing for completing the job.”

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Clean Air Houston Pro is a recognized Houston based cleaning company.

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