Reduced spillage, longer life, minimal belt damage and lower maintenance time are the hallmarks of Tega's Jumbo Impact Bed systems.

Kolkata: Clean, safe and uninterrupted conveying with Tega Jumbo Impact Bed System has boosted the demand for the product among various industry verticals. The Jumbo Impact Bed System manufactured by the company comprises of impact saddles and frame, which is custom designed as per the application severity and duty conditions. Tega Impact saddles are made of UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly-Ethylene) for smooth gliding of the conveyer belt.

A spring mechanism along with rubber is squeezed between the frame structure and saddle thereby using the elasticity of the spring and the rubber.

"Conventional impact idlers, sheathed in rubber sleeves or rings, are not always sufficient to absorb the impact energy of the heavy falling materials at the loading zone of the conveyor. The heavy Impact load often damage of the belt due to line contact. The idlers being a rotating part are also susceptible to damage and failure of bearings due to accumulation of dust and grime. The malfunctioning of these idlers cause frequent conveyor breakdown and require repeated maintenance. Tega Jumbo Impact Bed systems are designed to work in such adverse conditions by effectively dampening the impact of heavy materials. Being a non-rotating part Jumbo requires zero maintenance thus decreasing downtime, increasing operational efficiency and lowering maintenance cost," opined the management of Tega.

The impact frames are compact, modular designed, and easy to install and maintain. Jumbo impact beds are provided with rubber cushion under the saddles that absorb the impact energy. The residual energy that is left and does not get absorbed by the rubber is taken care by the spring provided with steel structure, which make Jumbo ideal for extra heavy duty, generally encountered handling run of mines. The modular design of the frame is customized to suit the particular application. Jumbo can also be used to replace the garland type impact idler at the loading station.

Jumbo's number of modular frame installation is dependent on the chute opening length or can be the material loading length. Based upon the belt width, capacity, chute opening length and free fall height, Jumbo's saddles and modular frames are selected from different variants.

Based upon the operating parameters impact force and the data are analyzed through TEGA proprietary software and then based on analysis Jumbo frames are designed and tested through ANSYS software. Jumbo is designed in a manner to eliminate the problems frequent maintenance and spillage at the loading station, bearing high load capacity and avoid any structural damages at loading station.

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