The Pyramid 3D custom visual, designed by Collabion for Microsoft Power BI, is now available for download to users of Microsoft Power BI, in the official Power BI gallery.

India: The product helps users visualize hierarchical data that is reduced in value with each successive stage. It is 100% code-less, and lets business users with little technical knowledge to quickly visualize data with just a few clicks. Users can connect the custom visual to a wide range of data sources, including Microsoft Excel workbooks, to build charts.

Just like its name suggests, the pyramid 3D chart has a triangular structure. Lines parallel to one another run across its surface, sectioning it into different segments. These segments have variable thicknesses, as per their individual values measured in percentages. The entire chart represents 100% and lets the user visualize the total data, along with its hierarchical structure, within a pyramid shaped visual.

A filtered pyramid chart, on the other hand, has the look of a graduated glass pyramid filled with liquid. The graduations represent the values of different sections after the data is filtered. Each section is differently colored, making them easily distinguishable from one another. The user has the option to alter the color of any segment, choosing a new one either from several presets, or creating a completely new shade from a color wheel. The color of the caption of each segment, as well as the font sizes of the texts, may also be altered as required. If the user changes his/ her mind after making the changes in colors or font sizes, then there is an option to revert to the default colors in each case.

A Pyramid chart may be included into a dashboard, where the other charts have at least one field in common with the Pyramid. Then clicking on one of the segments in another chart will filter the data of the Pyramid chart according to that data segment. The opposite is also true, however; selecting one of the segments of the pyramid will filter the data of the other chart as per the value of that segment, and update the chart instantly, as per the result of the filtration.

The Pyramid 3D chart for Power BI developed by Collabion may be downloaded from the online gallery of custom visuals for Power BI here. It is available for free. For further information on this custom visual, users may visit on the official Power BI blog. The product has also been featured in one of the posts in the 12 Days of Dashboards series published by Sam Lester, on-site SQL Server and BI engineer at Microsoft. The post can be viewed here.
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Collabion develops products for Microsoft SharePoint and Power BI. The products help users gain insights quickly from data with the help of detailed visualizations, across desktop, as well as mobile devices. Custom visuals developed by Collabion for Power BI lets users visualize data in a variety of different forms. Development of apps for Office 365 is also in the pipeline for the company.


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