A sense of community lies at the base of the increasing popularity of co-working spaces. That sense of community is also what’s at the heart of atx FACTORY, a 12,000-square-foot urban warehouse turned into a co-working space.

Alternative workspaces aren’t necessarily new. Professionals who worked out of the home would dodge to the coffee shop or another location like the public library to get some work done. Co-working spaces, however, provide professionals with more amenities and opportunities to network.

Modern Austin co-working spaces include features like desks, the use of a conference room, free parking and Wi-Fi access. Atx FACTORY adds on more including indoor meditation areas, sleeping pods, event space and showers. There is also a food truck park so that members can easily get a bite to eat and get back to work or mingle. The co-working space’s 24-hour access means professionals can work when they need to, not within usual business hours.

Yes, mingle. That’s the other benefit of co-working spaces. Atx FACTORY sums it up nicely in its tagline, “a community of creators, innovators and food truck enthusiasts.” Co-working helps professionals network with each other. They can seek advice and input from each other, maybe even find the solution to some mutual problem they share or get a fresh perspective. They can get new ideas and find new clients and business partners.

Atx FACTORY includes space for professionals to work and create and plenty of opportunities for them to collaborate. Members are driven to focus on their work so that they don’t disturb those around them but can find other places in the same building to spend their down time and talk to each other.

Along with the food trucks atx FACTORY features a community garden and outdoor recreational spots. The Austin co-working space offers events to help members grow professionally, personally and socially. There’s even free coffee, snacks and beer.

Vijay Mehra, the founder and CEO of Think Tech Labs, founded atx FACTORY to create a co-working experience that offers plenty of amenities but also a holistic lifestyle. He recognizes that, for many, work isn’t necessarily someplace you go. It’s more something you do. The atx FACTORY lets you do it in style.

Membership plans at atx FACTORY range from a social membership at $175 a month to a private office, which starts at $1,200 a month. Each membership level comes with additional features. Memberships are available to both individuals and small companies.

To learn more about the benefits of co-working spaces and atx FACTORY, visit http://www.atxfactory.com/austin-coworking-space/ or call 512-766-8289.

Vijay Mehra
Company: atx FACTORY
Address: 5323 Lavender Loop, Austin, TX 78702
Phone: 512.766.8289
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.atxfactory.com/austin-coworking-space/