On Table Junkie are offered comprehensive reviews of various coffee tables. The coffee table performs many functions. It can hold books and magazines, you can put food and drinks on it, and you can also use it for board games. Maybe you like using it as a footrest, and your children like to paint on it. In addition, it is the central element of the interior of the room, it's hard not to notice, and that's why you need to choose a good coffee table. First of all, think about why you need such a piece of furniture, or what your room lacks, and then choose a table that solves these problems.

Before buying a coffee table, mark the area that it will occupy in the room, with adhesive tape, to have an idea of its size and how it interacts with surrounding furniture. If you have a very spacious room and a fairly large coffee table, you can visually reduce the size of the table by placing on the sides of it the ottoman benches. When the room is crowded, ottoman benches can always be pushed aside to allow guests to walk freely around the room, but in everyday life, these seats serve as an excellent visual link between the sofa on one side and the chairs on the other. If the room has two sofas or other large items of upholstered furniture, a large coffee table may seem a reasonable solution.

Coffee table with raised flanges or with a slight indentation on the edge is a great choice if you often spill coffee or if your children often use this table as a dining. They also fit in if you often receive guests and do not want to worry about stains from wine on the carpet. In the review offered on website Table Junkie are described different types of tables: wood, metal, glass, rattan and acrylic. Wood is the most versatile construction material and it is widely used for different kinds of furniture. Metal coffee tables are the second most common coffee tables which can be found in stores. Glass coffee tables are becoming increasingly popular these days, mainly because of classy touch which is given to the room. Rattan, or wicker, is mainly used for patio furniture material. However, nowadays this material is widely used for coffee tables. Coffee tables made of acryl usually appear as glass coffee tables, however, they are much cheaper and more lightweight.

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