[Scottsdale, AZ] – March 11, 2012 – For those who own their own home, getting the kind of pure water they want most is definitely a concern given how much we have learned in recent years about the quality of water in the average US city. Many believe that if they had the option to, they would get water filtration systems installed, but they may believe that this is well beyond their budget. In reality, the price of extremely high quality, low maintenance water filters has been dropping in recent years and there are a number of incredible models that are now commonly available to the public and can certainly make for a rewarding investment. Not only have the prices on these units been dropping, they are also able to produce far more pure drinking water than they could have in the past. This is due to the fact that the technology is far more accurate and a much wider array of chemicals can be stripped out of the water, as well as other harmful elements that might not even be coming from the city’s system itself, but from the pipes in particular homes. By looking towards better filtration systems, home owners can not only make the water they drink safer, they can raise the value of the house they live in. Advanced Water Filter is an Arizona based company that provides a huge range of different filters, ranging from budget friendly yet effective to brand new, cutting edge examples of filtration technology at the peak of its potential. By looking at what can be offered, many find that state of the art reverse osmosis water filters are not actually beyond their budget and that the benefits a system of this kind can offer them far outweigh the costs. As concerns over water purity continue to mount, it is believed by experts that homes of the future will feature advanced filters to make sure all water is as safe and drinkable as engineering can help it be. After all, water plays such a huge role in human life that it really does make sense to develop the best possible filtration systems for home use today. To learn more about Advanced Water Filter and all it has to offer, visitors should head to http://www.advancedwaterfilters.com right now. Or they can call 1-800-453-4206 to speak with someone right over the phone. Contact Info: Jon Sigona Advanced Water Filters 7701 E. Gray Rd. Suite 110 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 Tel: 1-800-453-4206 [email protected]

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