For cancer patients who require surgery as a part of their treatment, Doctors no a day’s depend upon robot surgical operation to help remove tough to reach tumors, shorten surgical treatment instances or reduce side effects for patients in comparison to standard surgical treatment. These tools first made their appearance in last 1990 and are getting increasingly more common in operating rooms.



Robotic surgical treatment doesn’t mean that a robot is performing the operation. Alternatively, it refers to when surgeons direct the surgical operation using of robot equipment. Robotic surgical operation systems use one or more robotic hands that surgeons manage remotely and exactly using a close-by console. One robot arm has a laparoscope. Other arms hold tiny surgical contraptions that may fit into an incision much less than an inch long. The surgeon sits at a display screen that offers 3-dimensional views of the tumor. A joystick much like that for a online game exactly controls each robot arm, which mimics the motions of the wrist and hand, offering dexterity.

Dr. Somashekhar SP oncologist Bangalore is proud to offer one of the world's largest and most comprehensive programs in robotic cancer surgery. Each year, he performs more than 3,000 robotic-assisted surgical procedures. This makes him one of the highest-volume robotic surgery providers available. He has developed and refined a variety of robotic procedures. They include transoral robotic surgery (TORS) for throat tumors and robotic-assisted Whipple resections for pancreatic cancer.



After contacting Dr. Somashekhar SP Manipal Bangalore provides unparalleled care to its patients by refining its techniques and adopting the latest technology. With Dr. Somashekhar SP oncologist Bangalore, we use the world’s most advanced robots, including the revolutionary da Vinci – X surgical system for performing robotic surgeries for cancer treatment. In fact, using highly advanced robots has dramatically improved the performance as it allows them to perform even the most complicated operations with the highest degree of accuracy and precision.



Dr. Somashekhar SP oncologist Bangalore provides the most advanced robotic surgery techniques and procedures to both adult and paediatric patients suffering from cancer. Robotic Surgery has become a new standard of treatment for many oncological cases, including Head and Neck Cancer, Thorax and Lung Cancer, Thyroid Cancer, Gynaecological Cancer, Gastrointestinal Cancer and Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA), among others. Contacting Dr. Somashekhar SP Manipal Bangalore is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and hosts some of the top specialists in the field of robotic surgery in the country. He is internationally trained oncologists offers an integrated robotics programme for various oncological cases.



To ensure patients receive the best robotic surgery possible, Dr. Somashekhar SP oncologist Bangalore receive extensive robotic surgery training and can’t perform these surgeries without training and approval to use robotic tools.


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