Convenience, safety, portability of Airwheel razor electric scooter for adults Z5

18, April 2016: 13th Hong Kong Electronics Fair Spring Edition 2016 is organised in between 11 April, 2016 and 14 April, 2016. With the international trade show upon Airwheel, it is making most of time to gear up for this show. Airwheel is proud that Airwheel two-wheeled scooter Z5 will become the highlight of Hong Kong Electronics Fair. Airwheel is sanguine about its charm of Airwheel Z5. Shortly after Airwheel Z5 was pushed out in the 2016 CeBIT, Z5 leapt to fame and great popularity soon. Thereby there is every reason to believe in Airwheel Z5.


From the perspective of portability, Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent scooter Z5 is touted as the most convenient new product for it meets the current demand, notably of the young. For now, the young usually take public transportation to work. The transportation is quite crowded. They need a convenient alternative transport that is very portable and easily took into the bus, the lift or even stored in office. Airwheel Z5 is foldable. By pressing one button softly, the user can make the Airwheel Z5 pack away so that it can easily be took into the bus and even stored under the office desk. It is never clumsy and in the way of other passengers or colleagues.


Moreover, Airwheel foldable electric scooter Z5 is unprecedentedly safe because it creates a reassuring mode of ride at night. Even if the illumination is poorly dim, the rider still can protect himself and keep out of car crash. Airwheel put headlights and rear lights on Airwheel Z5, effectively protecting the rider from hurt. This brings a lot of convenience to the white-collars who do overtime.

Another attraction of Airwheel Z5 is its great portability. Airwheel uses the USB port which serves to charge the mobile phone of the user. On account of USB port, the user can chare his mobile phone as he steers electric self-balancing scooter Z5.

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