Couch potato teens — Go out and start running!

01, June 2015: Now, in 2015, around 32% of children & teenagers in the U.S. are either obese or overweight, and spend many hours playing games on their mobile device. This causes unhealthy and unhappy kids that suffer from major lack on social, outdoor activities. These kids are our upcoming generation and we MUST prevent this “couch potato” syndrome from spreading. 

Team - (from left) Amir Eliasy, Dror Rejwan, Shachar Silbert

Shift — our first real life location based game combines mobile gaming entertainment along with outdoor activity. The players’ main goal is to get up, go out and physically hunt or escape from their friends in the real world. A 30 minutes Shift game can burn up to 500 calories. 

In Shift, the user creates an avatar and he/she can choose if & when to expose his/her real identity, or to stay anonymous. They can also choose their role in the game — hunter or escapee. In order to start an immediate game, Shift automatically links the user to available players that are in the same area. To play in groups, users are able to create private games that fit their own game style, and invite more friends to play. 

During the gameplay, players are exposed only to an approximate range where their opponent may be. In order to reveal the exact location, they need to engage and get physically closer to the opponent, mainly by foot. To users to act, they receive real-time intelligence about their opponent and the environment (e.g. — your friend is on to you, you better run fast). They are also able to interact in-game by texting or sharing pictures. 

The triumph is determined by the location, if the hunter manages to get within a reasonable distance (approximately 30yd) of the Escapee — he wins, but if the escapee avoids being captured in the game timeframe — he wins. 

Shift is currently available for android users — Download here - 


About Us: 

Being gaming fans, we found out that the mobile gaming industry is full of games, but many of them are more of the same. The hot mobile games (e.g. clash of clans, candy crush) put our kids in front of the mobile screens for hours and provide no contribution to their health, intelligence, or social needs. 

In 2014 we established Augmented Games, a mobile gaming company with a mission of creating outstanding games in the location based and augmented reality genre — games that link a players’ virtual life with their real one. Our unique game engine allows us to release more game titles of this genre. Company Co-founders are: Dror Rejwan(CEO), Amir Eliasy(CMO) and Shachar Silbert(CTO). 

For more details please contact: Amir Eliasy , +972-52-2656307