Recently a Winnipeg cake store was all over the internet and made some news. The store had its cupcake shaped sign disappear. Eventually the stolen cupcake sign board popped up on instagram along with the images of the thief woman. It is said that the sign appeared on instagram along with the YOLO or you only live once caption. Pamela Kirkpatrick owns the cake store and was shocked to see the stolen sign board along with the young woman laughing on instagram. However the internet took its own action and within minutes people started shaming the cupcake sign thief and demanded her to return the stolen sign board. 

Apart from this others thought it to be a harmless prank which was totally meant for fun. However the owner of the store commented on the woman’s instagram and gave her privileges of not charging her if she returned it within 24 hours. Finally the woman along with her friend and mother returned the sign back to the store with real embarrassing feel and also a genuine apology. But news came out stating that Kirkpatrick had received professional offers to replace the sign before the actual sign was restored. She was amazed at this public reaction. 

You can boost your number of instagram followers and likes for a low fee at any time. People started retweeting as soon as the sign was handed over and people were passionate about the home made cupcake sign which was not worth a dime but the owner stated that it was the principle that mattered the most to her.