DALLAS, TEXAS, March 22, 2017—What do you get when you combine a Curious Boy and a Purple Gorilla? Readers find out the answer in Kyle L.B. Morey’s bestseller, That Curious Sign on Aisle Nine!

With great respect for the inimitable style of Dr. Seuss, Morey takes readers on a wild ride, complete with a purple gorilla and… well, that would be telling.

Here is just a taste of the adventure that waits inside this bestseller for readers:
A Weird Wild Adventure — Now I Wouldn’t Lie —
And Pictures to Dazzle and Tickle Your Eye.

A Chuckle, a Chortle, a Slap on the Knee,
A Guffaw, a Gasp, and a Smile or Three.

That Curious Sign on Aisle Nine is fun for kids to read and maybe even more fun for parents to read to their children. Whimsically illustrated by Dwayne Bruce, it’s a “read again and again” kind of book.

Some Amazon Reviewers’ Comments: “Whimsical and Fun” — “Winner!” — “A fun read to little kids!” — “That Curious Sign Delivers!” — “A clever story from the pen of Kyle Morey” — “...delightful book filled with imagination that speaks to every child, no matter their age...”

Kyle L.B. Morey is the author of the Amazon #1 International Bestseller, Ask God:  My 30-Day Experiment With Prayer and Its Potential to Answer Yours . He and his wife, Denielle, are the parents of five wonderful children whom they are devoted to. Kyle and family are presently on a three-year adventure as wandering worldschoolers, happy house sitters and venturesome volunteers. Occasionally, they do bump into a purple gorilla or two.

Kyle L.B. Morey is available for interviews.

That Curious Sign on Aisle Nine is available on Amazon.com
Book preview:  http://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XGMKZ1S

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