Naples, FL, July 01, 2013: Curtis Roese, a CPA and Real Estate Broker, is the founder and publisher of Common Cents Wisdom, a new magazine style personal finance blog. The website was established to provide consumers with free articles, personal finance tips, newsletter, tools, resources, special reports and a free personal finance course. The goal of Common Cents Wisdom is to become “Your Guide To Making Smart Financial Decisions”! The founder is committed to seeing your finances improve. You will discover simple ways to make more money, save more money and track your money! 

Common Cents Wisdom is a well-organized personal finance blog jam packed with useful and actionable information to achieve big results through taking small steps. We can all use a course helping us better understand the foundation of managing money and building a personal financial plan. Visitors of the site can sign up for an 82 page, 16 module, home study course complete with money and mindset worksheets, companion action guides, checklists and cheat sheets. The Common Cents course includes all the tools you need to absorb and implement money growing ideas. 

Each month, subscribers to the Personal Finance Newsletter (PFN) will receive a special report, action guides and numerous articles on the latest topics and ideas to help them make smart financial decisions. “Helping consumers navigate through the many aspects of money management and financial planning in an easy, organized manner, at no cost, was the goal of building the Common Cents Wisdom website” says founder Curtis Roese. 

Visit this site at and go to the “Start Page” for a summary of all the valuable tools and resources available to you at no cost. Sign up for the monthly newsletter, download the personal finance course, select a special report or just browse through the hundreds of articles and other valuable resources and tools. 

Curtis Roese is a CPA, a real estate broker and has extensive experience gained from a diversified career path. As the publisher for the website, Curt selects easy to understand but informative and actionable special reports, resources and articles on all topics of money management and personal finance. In addition, Curtis writes in-depth articles on specific topics that will help consumers reach their financial goals. 

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