Development on the procedural and technological front has constantly pushed joint alternative (additionally referred to as arthroplasty) segment closer to in addition betterment. This surgical operation is majorly done for patients affected with arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis), who've limited movement of joints because of any associated pain. with disease incidence of arthritis in India growing at a higher pace than ever before, a step forward technological innovation for addressing the requirements of surgeons and patients become in no way to a long way.

According to top joint replacement surgeon Artemis Hospital Delhi India, “it received to be a hyperbole if we emerge as calling 21st-century technology of artificial intelligence (AI) and technological innovation. The creation of robotic structures for the successful execution of joint replacement tactics is one every of such innovative examples of AI addressing healthcare necessities. Knee replacement being prominent among all other joint replacement surgical procedures had the privilege of getting more interest from researchers and technologists. If we're to distinguish presently available knee alternative robot structures, they're in short labeled as passive, semi-lively, and lively systems. The principal factor which has led to this differentiation is the extent of work achieved through robot machines with the least human interference. An autonomous nature of passive robot joint alternative replacement systems is the least with maximum human interference, which then gradually will increase to active structures. Active robot joint replacement systems which are said to be the most superior among its peers are completely self-sustaining in nature with least human interference required.”

CUVIS joint, the world’s first robotic knee replacement system is ready to revolutionize the way joint replacement surgery is being accomplished through Dr. IPS Oberoi top joint replacement surgeon Artemis hospital Delhi India. CUVIS joint robotic system is designed on the idea of 4 values: accuracy, flexibility, safety, and ease of use. When compared to the other available robot systems in the market, it has performed exceedingly well throughout a majority of these values for its surgeons as well as patients.

India’s first CUVIS joint robotic system is performed in India by Dr. IPS Oberoi joint replacement surgeon Artemis Gurgaon. Since its launch on 20th December 2020, the joint replacement surgery team efficiently led by way of Dr. IPS Oberoi India has already finished 120+ knee replacement surgeries with the CUVIS joint. “My association with CUVIS started is very old. And that I must say, it has accomplished exceptionally especially internal OT. In 2 months’ time, we've got already finished around 100 surgical procedures and all of our patients are doing extraordinarily well. This advanced robot joint replacement system has truly commenced a revolution in the field of arthroplasty,” stated top joint replacement surgeon Artemis Hospital Delhi India.

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