DBPOWER introduces an easy to use and fully loaded drone which comes with all the features drone enthusiasts love and admire including HD camera recording, first person mode and, for beginners, an easy to use headless mode.

DBPOWER introduces the DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator WiFi FPV Quadcopter with HD Camera. This simple to use drone is perfect for wide range of users from beginners to enthusiasts. This particular model comes with HD camera which can record 720p HD videos at 30fps which can also be streamed live to your smart phone.

DBPOWER has turned it up to eleven by providing full VR (Virtual Reality) compatibility. This includes mounting a smartphone upon the transmitter controller for First Person View (FPV). If VR headset is available, you can also sync that  with the drone and view the world from a wholly different perspective.

Gravity Induction is another feature which allows the drone to be controlled by merely tilting the connected smartphone. The drone can also work in headless mode, wherein the pilot need not bother about distinguishing the front from the rear of the drone as it turns and meander in the air, provided the pilot himself/herself stay in the initial orientation. This considerably lessens the learning curve.

On the other end of spectrum, for experienced drone pilots, there is 360 degree flip allowing maneuvers that are limited only by the pilot’s skill and imagination. The design incorporates six axis gyro for proper, stable positioning when hovering midair. Complementing this is a 4 motor drive which reduces hiccups in the flight considerably.

Seeing how easy it is to accidentally lose or crash a drone, UDI 842 Predator comes with a Return Home Button. Click on this and let the drone automatically find its way back to its take off location. There is also a low voltage alarm on the controller which lets you know when the drone is about to run out of power."

Speaking of power, it comes with a pair of 3.7V, 1000mAh lithium polymer batteries that can support 6 to 9 minutes of flight with 120 minutes of charging time.The batteries are of higher capacity than its budget alternative UDI 818A which is well suited for the design. The higher voltage provided by using two batteries supplies enough horsepower to combat a sudden onslaught of wind and land safely before getting swept away by it.

The drone weighs over 0.55lb which, as per FAA regulations, require an online registration if the plan is to buy and use it on US soil. The process is, however, quite simple and sets you back by only $5

From photography to experiments and competitive drone events, this is truly a predator.

Over all, the DBPOWER UDI U842 Predator Wifi FPV Quadcopter is an ideal product for the given price point, with all necessary the bells and whistles but not so many as to ruin the experience by overwhelming the user. The DBPOWER UDI 842 WiFi FPV is available here, use the promo code: VT3OPVW5 to get 20% off of the price tag.

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