Having clear vision relies on the proper focusing of light rays onto the retina by your cornea and lens. These light rays must bend correctly to reach the retina. Vision issues, known as refractive errors, arise when the cornea isn't perfectly shaped. The cornea, located at the front of the eye, plays a vital role in bending and focusing light waves. When refractive errors occur, the light from an object doesn't align precisely with the retina, resulting in a blurry image. It's worth noting that refractive errors can affect even otherwise healthy eyes.

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This is because India not only offers minimum cost of eye surgery packages in Delhi, but the quality of eye surgery in India, provided by top eye hospitals, is on par with leading eye hospitals worldwide. Eye surgery in India is considerably more budget-friendly compared to other countries. The reasons behind India attracting a significant number of international patients include its minimum cost of eye surgery packages in Delhi, adherence to international quality standards, modern healthcare infrastructure, well-trained and competent staff, and much more. The minimum cost of eye surgery packages in Delhi is just a fraction of what you would typically pay anywhere else in the world.

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