February 06, 2017 - Tampa, FL — Device Savers, a Tampa-based electronics repair and technological support entity dedicated to servicing all community members with affordable and reliable electronics support, this week announced after a recent spike in drone sales and repair requests, they will be opening a new startup, Legion Drones, for all drone products, training, repairs, and support. With a wide-range of drones and camera equipment to choose from, as well as available custom drone options, they can tailor a drone specifically for your needs. You might require drones for aerial filming, videography, surveying, school events, vacations, training, or the perfect shot.

Co-Owned by two passionate entrepreneurs, with deep backgrounds in engineering, telecommunications, electronic repair, real estate and logistics, this combo is serious about establishing a reliable consumer drone support entity, Legion Drones will be the first full-service drone repair company in the country majority owned and operated by a minority female.

“Legion Drones is the first company of its nature, providing service, sales, repair, and Part 107 & Pilot training, filming and photography, an all-encompassing drones company owned and operated by a minority female in our country,” said Cameron. “I am looking forward to doing this with Shaina, I know her passion for electronic repair and sustainability. I am excited about all the avenues she is preparing, such as educational outlets for students to get into the UAV realm, Police and Firefighter support, Rescue & Search, events and racing, it is endless,” said Cameron Corbett Co-Founder of Legion Drones. “Electronics and tech support has undoubtedly always been my calling, so being able to shift my energy and expertise over into another blossoming industry that I am already involved in is a perfect way to kick off 2017,” said Shaina Ortiz Co-Founder of Legion Drones.

Legion Drones is equipped to be an all-encompassing drone company. It will specialize in the sourcing of superior drones for a variety of businesses, privates, and leisurely needs. The company is already established as a leading DJI and Yuneec authorized repair and service center, able to address, remediate, and solve any kind of drone malfunction or field damage. It will carry a wide-range of drones and camera equipment to choose from as well as available custom drone options.

“Our drone engineers are poised to design and customize a one-of-a-kind drone that is specialized for unique business consumer which means our customization capabilities are absolutely limitless,” said Cameron. With a passion for providing consumers with both the high quality drone products they seek, as well as the information, training, and safety measures to keep their drones protected, Legions Drones will also administer 107 pilot training and other forms of drone support. Popular newspapers like the New York Times this year reported the thousands of catastrophic drone crashes around the holidays due to the spike in drone presents with zero information and support training included. Shaina, Cameron and company hope to cultivate a drone community that promotes both adventurous droning and frequent fascination with learning new support methods and protective measures.

“The drone industry is exploding at the moment, and with that explosion comes the hassle of registering the drones, educating the drivers, and informing the masses about drone rules and regulations,” said Shaina. “By collaborating with Legions Drones, our community members can stay afloat with the industry’s latest laws and innovative announcements. This is a Tech innovation we want to protect for the future.”

Drones are popularly used for aerial filming, videography, surveying, school events, vacations, training, and personal uses for capturing the perfect wedding or hiking photo. Cognizant of their popularity, Legions Drones will also be administering a “rent-a-drone” component to their platform, enabling everyday individuals to experience the breathtaking footage of a drone without making the financial investment.

Shaina has a long history helping further the technological repair industry, she opened Device Savers in 2009, an electronic repair company that does total electronic repair in Tampa Bay. She was the first minority women to open a business of that kind, and remains to smash apart standards in 2017 as she pursues her full-scale drone operation.

“The world needs a better class of Drone Brands, and that’s exactly what Legions Drones is here to do,” said Shaina. “Spread the word on the opening of our new-full service store and platform, and head on over to our site today to subscribe for the early Exclusive Access Invite to the most innovative drone company in the U.S. market today.”

For more information on Legions Drones, visit: http://www.legiondrones.com

For more information on Device Savers, visit: http://www.devicesavers.com

For more information on Shaina Ortiz, visit: https://www.linkedin.com/shainaortiz