Creative Internet Authority, LLC, a digital marketing company specializing in video production and promotion for attorneys, recently hired Rodney David King. King, is a Digital Marketing Specialist who communicates with the clients and team to ensure that the work produced is building authority, growing the law firm and tripling exposure online.

When hired, King’s response was, “I think that what makes me great overall is the fact that I never stop learning. I always want to know how I can do something better. I feel like every job I've held has given me the chance to continue to learn and grow as a person.”

Outside of work he is a huge basketball fan. He loves watching high school, college and professional basketball. You can find him at home when he’s not working and adds that “a great way to spend a week is surrounded by people who you really like being around and who add something to you.”

According to Montina Portis, Founder of Creative Internet Authority, LLC, “We hired Rodney because we needed someone that could communicate effectively with our clients’ and ensure that the work we produce is getting them results. He comes with a background in journalism and is always looking for the most creative, eye-catching or though provoking way to present a project for our clients.”

About Creative Internet Authority:

Creative Internet Authority is an award winning digital marketing company that specializes in video production and promotion for law firms.

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