When you feel confident at work, you'll bring that sense of self into your tasks and probably perform much better. As well, your sense of confidence will be something that other people notice and appreciate.

People look for confidence from leaders. They feel more secure when they are dealing with those who do exude confidence. While confidence and competence don't always walk hand in hand, appearing and feeling confident is never going to hurt you, especially when it comes to your career.

With this in mind, we'd like to share some "science-based" ways to increase your confidence level at work...

Invest in a Good Work Wardrobe

You're supposed to dress for the job you want. This is why we recommend buying good clothes. Excellent business attire is available for cut rates online and in local discount stores, so you don't have to spend a lot unless you want to.

Every work-appropriate, well-fitting and flattering separate or suit that you pick out will help you to build confidence. Other people definitely notice whether or not we are pulled-together, modern and attractive. The right professional attire will impress and the positive energy that you feel from others will build your confidence.

We recommend clothes with a formal vibe. When you're dressed formally, you'll feel more powerful and psychological studies actually back this up. So, splash out for a few great suits, whether you're male or female. You'll never regret buying really great suits. They are a cornerstone of confident dressing for work.

Take Negative Feedback and Use It

Sometimes, denial is strong and we just don't allow negative feedback to register and to change us. If you want confidence, you must learn to listen and then change in response. When you do change, you'll become more confident. For example, if you've heard a criticism a few times, there's likely something to it. Instead of just being offended, why not pay attention to it and fix it?

When you do, you'll have successfully solved a problem in your life and you'll be able to move forward without needing to hear that kind of negative feedback again. Positive change is definitely empowering.

Stay in The Loop at Work

Some of us are introverts and the idea of hanging around co-workers outside of work hours may seem draining and unpleasant. However, finding ways to enjoy your co-workers as people, while you're not in the office, is one of the keys to banishing negative thoughts and becoming more confident. For example, you might want to go out for lunch as a group or meet for drinks after work. If it doesn't feel natural to you, try to keep up with it until it does feel natural.

Try Our Helpful Tips Today

Confidence comes from within. Some people are just born with it. However, it may be cultivated and our tips will help you to build on existing confidence or create it from scratch. When you dress well, work on your flaws and reach out to co-workers in a more social manner, you'll be covering all of the bases.

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