Kwun Tong, Hong Kong Taking a business offshore has lots of benefits like reduced cost and taxes, minimum risks, privacy and smooth operations without the hassles of bureaucracy or exchange control. But incorporating a company in a foreign land would involve lots of complex procedures. Under such circumstances, having the required assistance for offshore company formation can be a great boon for any business. DoingBusinessAsia.Com Ltd has launched a new website for offering its business services. It provides all the required support for individuals planning to start their operations in any of the Asian economies like China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar and others.


The website covers all the aspects from incorporating the company, opening a bank account offshore online, assisting with licensing and authorization to trade in various Asian countries and mediation and dispute resolution. It also provides advice for start-ups and existing businesses on structuring and implementing their investment in any of the Asian economies like China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Myanmar and others. All its clients can have immediate access to the blog and new Forum of the website where they can have all their questions answered. It covers all the issues like forming and operating an offshore company, purchasing property in any of the Asian countries and solving business disputes through the online Easy Mediation service of the website.


The newly launched Forum on the website is a perfect place for investors to ask questions, exchange information and share their experiences. The Offshore Premium team consists of licensed lawyers, accountants and expert professionals who have more than 20 years of experience in assisting their clients to establish and manage offshore companies, trusts or foundations. The company has an extensive network of expert advisors in Asia that allows it to offer business services to all its clients who plan to invest in Asia for setting up a business or buying real estate in any of the Asian countries. The company also provides assistance for investors interested in Eastern Europe and Central American markets.


Over the past few years, the company has developed considerable expertise in identifying and working with various offshore agents and international banks. It also has contacts with law and accounting firms worldwide that further enhances its global presence much to the advantage of all the clients. With this kind of professional network, offshore company formation is made easier for all the investors. The company is also a member of the Office Swiss D’expansion Commerciale (OSEC) and operates with the highest Swiss standards. For more information about the company and its services, visit