Dr. AGK Gokhale bests cardiothoracic surgeon at Apollo Hospital Hyderabad India is the only surgeon in the country to get hold of this elite designation for 2018 program advances.

Dr. AGK Gokhale's bests cardiothoracic surgeon at Apollo Hospital Hyderabad India had been named 2018 cardiac surgeon of excellence through the development of a sophisticated stroke prevention technique. He is the only surgeon in India to earn this distinction for performing the transcarotid artery revascularization (TCAR) procedure.

TCAR is a revolutionary treatment that dramatically reduces the hazard of stroke in patients with blocked carotid arteries, the most important blood vessels that supply blood to the brain. The procedure is minimally invasive uses an FDA - legal neuroprotection system that briefly reverses blood flow in the artery all through the procedure to prevent dangerous plaque from traveling to the brain and causing a stroke.

“We’re proud to provide this latest treatment alternative for high-risk patients across India,” said Dr. AGK Gokhale, the most renowned heart specialist in India. “We retain to guide the procedure in innovation, using the modern technology to provide patients with the world-class, patient-focused care they deserve.”

Dr. AGK Gokhale is in many of the first in the country to gain expertise with the TCAR method. He is recognized for his commitment to this advanced technique and for its high-quality outcomes. “Our team is honored to be specific for excellence for a 2nd year, recognizing our commitment to excellence in patient care and consequences,” stated Dr. AGK Gokhale. “We’re proud to provide this kind of innovative system to cope with carotid artery disease with a much lower threat of stroke as compared to the more traditional procedure.”

“Our crew enthusiastically embraced this present-day system and is grateful for this unique recognition,” added Dr. AGK Gokhale. “We are committed to imparting the most superior treatment options mainly that assist us to prevent your stroke in patients who are a better risk for traditional surgery, lots of whom had been previously taken into consideration untreatable.”

TCAR allows surgeons to carry out a minimally-invasive process via a tiny incision within the lower neck that offers a secure opportunity compared to standard surgical procedure, starting the door for lots of new patients to be properly and successfully treated.

Dr. AGK Gokhale best cardiothoracic surgeon Apollo Hospital Hyderabad India had been invited to lecture on and exhibit complex angioplasty techniques in more than four hundred international education publications and meetings across the globe which include staying transmissions of complex cases from India to the TCT and EuroPCR conferences. He’s on the editorial board of JACC cardiovascular interventions, CCI, Euro intervention, Indian heart journal, and others. He has been honored with a doctorate from four prestigious universities in India. He has trained more than 350 cardiologists from India and abroad in advanced strategies of angioplasty.

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