2 May 2019, Mumbai- In a major advance top robotic urologist in India Dr. Anup Ramani, recently removed a cancerous bladder from a 75-year-old patient using a robotic surgical system that allows for more precision in executing minimally invasive procedures but also demands a new level of technical expertise from surgeons.

Dr. Anup Ramani is one of the few surgeons doing this procedure in India and among a select group nationally to do so. When the robotic equipment is now robotically used for prostate and kidney operations, it has only lately been adopted for bladder-related cancer surgery. “Robotically-assisted procedures are less invasive and have a far quicker restoration time,” stated Dr. Ramani, best uro oncologist in India. “I believe that we are able to attain the same outcomes with with much less blood loss, less ache, quicker recuperation and smaller incisions—which benefit patients.”

Dr. Anup Ramani he is also a consultant at Lilavati and Saifee Hospitals in Mumbai. He is the robotic surgeon at Asian Heart Hospital robotic surgery center and the panel uro-oncological surgeon at Breach Candy Hospital and he said that he would like to establish the expertise needed to offer patients a comprehensive program in robotic surgery for all urologic cancers.

He has executed research on how to teach surgeons on the da Vinci surgical system utilized in these procedures and has been retained by using the maker of the machine, who give instruction and serves as a mentor to other surgeons. Dr. Anup Ramani defined that the development of robotic surgery observed the adoption of minimally invasive surgical procedure wherein doctors make tiny incisions after which use a laparoscope to thread miniature cameras and different gadgets into the body. But a number of those laparoscopic methods are are hard to execute—and that’s in which robotics offers a massive enhance. “Robotic surgical treatment has ended up more popular because we can do the same operation which much less morbidity,” he stated.

Robotic system had been first used to remove prostate cancer, and then tailored for kidney cancer and bladder cancer procedures, that are more complex because of the variation in surgical anatomy, size, and form of tumors. “It was only when I advanced top notch experience with robotic prostate surgeries and was assured that we could safely offer this technology to more patients that I began to attempt robotic surgical procedure I started to try robotic surgical procedure for bladder cancer,” Dr. Anup Ramani top robotic urologist in India said.

He now is developing a program that will be the first in India and one of the few in the nation to make robotically assisted surgery routinely accessible for the entire spectrum of complex urological cancer cases. But for all the advances in robotic technology, Dr. Ramani noted that the platform is “just another surgical instrument—in and of itself it doesn’t build a program.”

On a recent afternoon, Dr. Anup Ramani best uro oncologist in India was preparing to perform a robotically assisted procedure to remove a patient’s prostate cancer, using the robotic system.

The da Vinci platform comes in two parts—the doctor’s console and a 7-foot by 5-foot patient side cart with 4 interactive robotic arms that allow the surgeon to manipulate the laparoscopic and other devices. Dr. Anup Ramani likens his function in training the subsequent generation of urology surgeons to that of a conductor who “can play every tool, but rather directs them all to produce a unique experience.” Training and learning experience are the keys to serving patients better, Dr. Ramani said. “It all comes right down to the most basic thing, which is expertise in understanding surgical anatomy,” he stated.

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