Bombay Hospital, Mumbai – for most of his childhood years, Milo Perez suffered from scoliosis. For years he wore a brace 22 hours a day to try and straighten his spine. As a person, the sickness returned. In the end Milo could even hardly ever walk, see his son’s swim meets or sit in a car.

scoliosis treatment by Dr Arvind Kulkarni

After years of looking for comfort, he met best scoliosis surgeon in India, who's the head of the Mumbai spine scoliosis and disc replacement centre and is associated as the representative and a spine and disc replacement surgeon at the much-reputed Bombay Hospital, located in Mumbai. He makes a specialty in complicated spine surgery. To relieve Milo’s pain and assist him return to his active life, scoliosis treatment by Dr Arvind Kulkarni performed a ten-hour surgical operation at Bombay Hospital to completely reconstruct his spine.

Scoliosis surgery is a totally difficult surgical treatment to undergo," said best scoliosis surgeon in India, who is the foremost general practitioner in his scoliosis surgical procedure. "It’s tough from a surgical perspective. It’s complicated, and it is difficult for sufferers to get it with a protracted rehabilitation and restoration technique. But in the end, for patients like Milo, they get their life again. They’re capable to take part in physical activity they never even imaged before the surgical operation.”

Dr. Arvind Kulkarni is the only medical professional in India and one in every of nine surgeons participating in the study of this ailment that impacts between 6 million and 9 million people in India. The trial will enroll hundreds of sufferers over a 5 years period and could comply with the subjects via their course of treatment, which might also consist of surgical operation, or non-surgical treatment options consisting of injections, medication, and physical therapy and exercising.

For milo, the decision to have scoliosis treatment by Dr Arvind Kulkarni did not come easy. At 38, he was into in the best form of his life. In the previous 5 years, he had lost 70 pounds and become biking 3,000 to 4,000 miles per year, embarking on 200-mile races. He even took on swimming, taking lessons for the first time and spending hours doing laps within the local pool. But when Milos got healthier, his backbone condition worsened. Pilates and yoga weren’t operating. Neither were the massages or the seven different kinds of medicines he was taking to ease the ache.

Scoliosis Surgery is Risky – nerves might be damaged and recovery takes months. But eventually the pain becomes too much. On September 10, 2021, Best scoliosis surgeon in India preformed Milo’s long surgical procedure. After it was complete, he stood more than 3 inches taller than earlier the procedure. After eight days at Bombay hospital, Milo went back home for intense rehab and to heal. He had to discover ways to live with a straight spine. He relearned a way to take a seat, walk and simple tasks like getting out of bed.

“Mechanically, scoliosis treatment by Dr Arvind Kulkarni made me best,” said Milo, who lives in Albany with his family. Six week post-surgical operation, he went back to his job as general manager in which he still works today. He back to swimming 3 days per week and isn’t taking any medications. He vows to get back on his bicycle and tackle those long rides once more – this time with a new spine and a new tattoo.

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