The mitral valve is a one-way valve that conducts blood flow with the left side of the heart. Mitral valve replacement cost in India and the high level of information have made India a leading destination for coronary heart treatment for people from West Asian and African nations, India is regularly turning into the most desired destination spot for treating diverse heart ailments over the years.

Medical international travelers coming to India to avail healthcare facilities can keep as much as 50% of the cost they might spend if traveling to a developed western country. The cost of mitral valve replacement in India is 40% much less than in some other advanced countries taking care of quality.

Dr Ashok Seth mitral heart valve replacement India

More and more cardiac patients are coming to Dr Ashok Seth mitral heart valve replacement India, diagnostic medical check-ups, and state-of-the-art treatments every year because of his international acclaim and affordability. He also offers consultation and ongoing care to patients with heart problems.

Dr Ashok Seth Fortis Delhi has made a difference in the lives of people with heart defects across the globe. Yearly, Dr Ashok Seth mitral heart valve replacement India provides outpatient care to more than 4.000 patients and we carry out around 1.000 major surgeries. Half of these surgeries are cardiac surgeries and half are vascular interventions. Many people who seek cardiac surgery will find him to be much experienced.

Dr Ashok Seth Fortis Delhi is dedicated to providing excellent patient care, outstanding education, and bringing innovative world class research to the community. Dr Ashok Seth mitral heart valve replacement India is an invaluable resource to patients, healthcare provider, in India. Dr Ashok Seth Fortis Delhi is one of the busiest heart surgeon in India who perform over 900 procedures annually.

Patients can set up appointments with Dr Ashok Seth Fortis Delhi within 48 hours of initial contact number +91-9370586696. Dr Ashok Seth mitral heart valve replacement India is especially helpful for complex surgical cases or for those who have been told their condition is inoperable or not treatable with medical therapies.

India Cardiac Surgery Service is at the forefront as a medical provider in India, catering to international patient and guarantee most favorable assistance to people looking for all types of clinical treatment and surgical procedures available in India.

You can be assured that you will receive safe, excellent, compassionate care from the extra ordinary team at any of our hospitals and health centers. Our safety precautions are guided by experts within the field of infectious diseases, infection prevention, public health and quality improvement.

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