January 10, 2019, Mumbai: Indian health systems have developed in the past few years, we have seen a high rush of global patients heading to India for various healthcare services. The key reason remains the access to high-quality healthcare services at affordable cost. This certainly includes the infertility treatment in India. Recently in Mumbai, the infertility expert from Mumbai Dr. Firuza Parikh was witnessed at an Infertility treatment camp in the city, which got an overwhelming response. Women in large number were at the camp, which was inaugurated by the known doctor who remains the prominent personality of the medical circles.

Talking on the occasion she said that childless woman is a myth in this highly developed medical circles. We now have one of the best the doctors and surgeons dealing with infertility issues and end them fixing the issues with the help of highly developed treatment options like infertility treatment in India and other IVF treatment options. She personally checked a couple of ladies suffering from the issue and then made them feel comfortable giving them the right diagnosis of the ailment. She is a known personality in Mumbai and has a track record of offering high-quality healthcare services.

Talking on the occasion both in one to one conversion and on the dais, Dr. Firuza Parikh said that India has been traditionally inexpensive for the global patients and they get high-quality healthcare services at affordable cost. She then said that you get the best doctors and surgeons giving you the Best infertility treatment options. The best way in which the global patients can avail the infertility treatment in India is via medical tourism company. Indian Med Guru Group is among the best place in this domain.

About Indian Med Guru Consultant Pvt. Ltd.:

Your search for a highly trusted and professional medical tourism company in India comes to an end with Indian Med Guru Consultants. It is known to have several prominent surgeons and the best hospitals for infertility treatment in India in its network that cater to high-quality treatments at affordable rates. It offers a wide range of other services which the global patients would need including local travel, medical investigation reports, food, and doctor’s appointments and so on. You can explore the health care packages for infertility treatment with the group and then discuss to get the changes as per your requirements in the healthcare package.

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