Dr Harshvardhan Hegde is one of the best orthopaedic surgeon in India. Last month he has organized a camp for orthopedic surgeries. He has taken initiative towards a mass moment of organizing orthopedic surgery camps in different cities in order to help people within the country as well as overseas. There he shed light on some of the most frequently occurring causes of orthopedic injuries, issues like athletes at-risk for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, with an estimated 250,000 injuries occurring each year in developed countries. According to him Individuals who sustain an ACL disruption are six times more likely to develop degenerative changes.

This advanced technology administered by Dr. Hegde has enabled to operate with enhanced precision even during the most complex procedures and difficult cases. This has eventually led to less blood loss, painless, faster and better post-operative outcomes for the patient. Reducing human errors to bare minimum and ensuring perfect alignment, leading to the longevity of the joint implant but to cherry on top its cost in India is reduced in order to make it available to a greater population.

The basic motive of the camp was to collect the data for various orthopedic diseases and injuries and to find a way to reduce the effect soon. Several other orthopedic surgeries from knee replacements to scoliosis was treated and advance technologies were discussed among the world leading surgeons. Certain segments of robotic surgery for total hip replacement were one of the leading topics of the health camp led by Dr. Hegde. Robotic surgery is known to be one of the most leading surgery techniques in India and with number of advancement in surgery world the surgical procedures are getting less complex and robot-assisted surgeries which allows doctors to perform many types of complex techniques with more flexibility, precision and control than that of possible with conventional techniques.

With this continuously changing world, everyday it’s a new perspective towards orthopedic surgery in adults and children. Events like this has been helping since a very long time for keeping every new technology that come into existence on the table in order to introduce it to others and to make best out of it.