Spine surgical procedure is traditionally performed as "open surgical procedure." because of this the region being operated on is opened with a long incision to permit the health care professional to view and get access to the anatomy. Recently, technological advances have allowed superior back and neck condition to be treated with a minimally invasive surgical method.  As minimally invasive spine surgical procedure (MISS), does not involve an extended incision, it avoids massive damage to the muscle surrounding the spine. Usually, this results in much less pain after surgery and a faster recuperation.


Having expertise with non-surgical and minimally invasive approaches to the spine, best spine surgeon Artemis Hospital Gurgaon can often help his patients achieve pain relief without the need for surgery. This, along with the kind and compassionate care he delivers are why he has been selected year after year as a top spine surgery specialist in India. Dr. Hitesh Garg spine surgeon Artemis Gurgaon is committed to delivering exceptional surgical services to ensure excellence in patient care and clinical outcomes. Best spine surgeon Artemis Hospital Gurgaon strives to exceed his patients’ expectancies with the aid of offering targeted, high-quality affected patient care. Compassion and integrity are his core values and emulated thru the care he provides. Dr. Hitesh Garg spine surgeon Artemis Gurgaon offers patients in need of minimally-invasive spine surgical treatment a unique combination of expertise, innovative skills, and compassionate care. His goal is to achieve the best results for every patient with the least invasive techniques possible. Best spine surgeon Artemis Hospital Gurgaon recognize that every patient’s needs are unique, which is why he provide individualized treatment plans.


However, if surgery is the best option for relieving your pain and/or restoring function, you can take comfort in knowing Dr. Hitesh Garg spine surgeon Artemis Gurgaon performs more back, neck and spine procedures than any other surgeon in India. He offers the full range of sine procedures, including minimally invasive surgeries, deformities and revisions. In every case, best spine surgeon Artemis Hospital Gurgaon focuses on ensuring that you have the best possible long-term outcome. His goal is reduce your pain and improve your quality of life using the least invasive and most effective treatments possible.


When distance is not a concern and you are ready to travel halfway around the globe to an exotic and historic destination like India for Healthcare, spine and neuro surgery service India offers you attractive alternatives and top notch benefits whether or not you and your own family are medically insured. Spine surgery in India is extremely beneficial when it comes to cost cutting and at the same time result-oriented from a medical/surgical accuracy as well as post-surgical follow-up. Spine and neuro surgery service India is here to make your medical-travel a very successful and memorable event by scheduling local sightseeing too during the stay.



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