Dr. Iyer is a leading and a highly renowned Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon, based out of Delhi. At present, he is associated with one of the top hospitals of India, Fortis Escorts Heart Institute (FEHI), he performed a range of complex cardiac procedures. He is board licensed in both surgery and thoracic surgical operation. The congenital heart program provides congenital cardiac evaluation and medical and surgical care for patients, from newborns to adults.

Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer comes with an extraordinary array of accomplishments in the care of children with congenital heart disease. During his career span of over 39 years, Dr. Iyer has operated on more than 10,000 babies, children and adults, suffering from different kinds of Congenital Heart Diseases. Dr. Iyer set-off the very first Paediatric Cardiac Care Program in Northern India, which has been a highly pioneering initiative, at the Escorts Heart Institute Research Centre that is today known as the Fortis Escorts Heart Institute. Under his competent guidance, this Paediatric cardiac program progressed smoothly and today, it is considered as the benchmark for cardiac Care for children, not only from India but from her South East Asian neighbors as well. He also developed and expanded a major heart transplant and ventricular assist device program at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute.

In addition to his achievements in building successful children’s heart programs, Dr. Iyer best paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon India has received numerous teaching and service awards and has trained dozens of cardiac surgeons. While at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute, he established one of the first three ACGME-accredited fellowship programs in congenital heart surgery. He has authored more than 150 peer-review publications, chapters and abstracts, and is regularly sought as an international speaker. “We are excited about the growth of the pediatric cardiac surgery program at Fortis Escorts Heart Institute” says Dr. Iyer. “With the addition of Dr. Iyer, the pediatric cardiac surgery program will further advance the care of children and young adults with congenital heart disease.”

Dr. Iyer will oversee all pediatric and adult congenital heart procedures, including pre-operative patient preparation and follow-up care. In addition, he will expand the program’s research component. “We now have a minimally invasive procedure that is as good as or better than surgery, while at the same time allowing most patients to be out of the hospital within a few days and be back to their normal activities within a week, and that’s pretty important,” said Dr. Krishna Subramony Iyer. Combined with a multi-disciplinary care, the pediatric cardiac surgery program provides excellent care from diagnosis throughout the care continuum at best price paediatric cardiothoracic surgery in India. Dr. Iyer understands that taking care of a child means taking care of the family as well. He fully supports the family centered patient care initiatives at Fortis Hospital. “When someone is going thru a disease, the entire family goes through it, mainly while that patient is a baby or child,” says Dr. Iyer. “When one person goes through an illness, the whole family goes through it, especially when that patient is a baby or child,” says Dr. Iyer.

Dr. K S Iyer best paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon India, performs more than 400 diagnostic and interventional procedures performed annually at Fortis Hospital. He is active in research and education in interventional cardiology and has launched innovative techniques at Fortis Hospital to treat congenital heart disease without the need for open heart surgery at low cost paediatric cardiothoracic surgery in India.