Neurosurgery is a complicated, critical and complex surgery.  Brain disorders want correct diagnosis followed via appropriate treatment from a carried out neurosurgeon.  Neurosurgery, as a line of treatment, has advanced manifold to provide complex and advanced treatments for unique brain problems. It’s far certainly an important project to slim right down to a neurosurgeon who has acquired treatment in treating these precise conditions.


Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai is taken into consideration as one in every of India’s most distinctly accomplished neurosurgeon. He has a high success rate in appearing brain tumour surgeries, brain trauma surgeries, deep brain stimulation surgical procedures (DBS), epilepsy surgical procedures and vascular-neuro surgical procedures and so forth.

Additionally, he is educated in neuroendoscopy, especially endoscopic pituitary surgical treatment and AVM surgeries. Dr. K Sridhar knowledge includes CVJ spine surgery and minimally invasive spine surgery too. He has operated on nearly all sorts of brain tumours throughout distinct locations in the brain for lots patients with effective results. Those brain surgeries require a high degree of accuracy and precision to the extent of sub-millimeter as a moderate deviation can lead to risk including paralysis, coma and so on. His competence in performing tumour excision is noteworthy.

Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai states, 'entire tumour excision adjustments the final results of the patient. Those surgical procedures are achieved with huge precision and accuracy to ensure their success. My focus has been to repair the patient's health in the best viable manner.  I’m glad with my success in performing neuro-oncological surgical procedures.'

Dr. K Sridhar is likewise professional with useful neurosurgery, a rapidly developing distinctiveness of neurosurgery. It makes a specialty of correcting neurological conditions and capabilities in patients thru deep brain stimulation and Neuromodulation. The scope of treatment in practical neurosurgery encompasses through deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disorder, Pallidotomy and Thalamotomy for movement problems, Rhizotomy for spasticity, baclofen pump for spasticity, dorsal root entry zone lesioning. These surgical procedures are completed under a stereotactic frame with eye precision.

Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai has operated on high risk patients who have had a new lease of life post their functional neurosurgery. He has helped sufferers recover from Parkinson’s disorder, dystonia and tremors through functional neurosurgery.

Dr. K Sridhar states, 'Functional neurosurgery is a swiftly evolving sub-area of expertise which arms the neurosurgeons with the performance to triumph over difficult neurological problems of the physical body due to movement disorders and impractable pain.’

Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai is a multi-linguistic physician with talent in almost ten languages. He has treated patients throughout all age groups. Patients find him to be friendly and easy to approach health practitioner and confidante.


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