June 19, 2019 –  Dr. K. Sridhar performed endoscopic surgery for a slipped disc on Noah Jones, 65, from Peterborough, the UK who was suffering from debilitating back pain, leg cramps, and difficulty standing, due to slipped disc. He sought help from Dr. K. Sridhar best neurosurgeon in India, and today, Noah is celebrating one month of being pain-free after suffering debilitating back pain, leg pain, and thigh numbness for over a year. He underwent a life-changing, minimally invasive spine surgery through a single incision in his side that had him up and walking just hours after surgery.

MicroEndoscopic Discectomy is a minimally-invasive system carried out through a tubular tool. It’s designed to relieve pain due to herniated discs pressing on nerve roots. This surgery is mostly performed on an outpatient basis, which allows the patient to leave the hospital the same day. Minimally invasive procedures are now commonplace in spinal surgery, but endoscopic spine surgery utilizes ultra-minimally invasive technology that enhances traditional surgical technique. The advantage of a smaller incision (less than 1cm) and the introduction of a high-resolution camera minimize tissue disruption and reduce post-operative pain for the patient. Typically performed as an outpatient procedure, patients undergo less anesthesia and experience improved recovery times.

“Endoscopic spine surgical operation has unleashed new potential for quicker, safer, and more effective surgical recoveries,” says Dr. K. Sridhar, Director – Institute of Neurosciences & Spinal Disorders at Global Hospital Chennai. “I’m proud to dramatically improve the lives of patients suffering from back pain by pioneering treatment solutions like this that get them back to their active lifestyles faster.”

Dr. K. Sridhar is an expert in minimally invasive surgical techniques that improve patient safety and reduce recovery time. These techniques include ultrasonic spine surgery, endoscopic spine surgery, and robot-guided spine surgery. He specializes in the treatment of complex spinal conditions and is considered a world expert in the field of robotic spine surgery.

Noah Jones had been experiencing back pain and numbness in his right upper leg and thigh for nearly a year. Following the procedure, Noah said, “The speed of recovery alone has been amazing. I was able to walk without pain the day.” He mentioned that he encountered immediate result there was almost no incision pain-- relief without suffering the more typical side effects of surgery. According to Dr. K. Sridhar, Noah’s symptoms of numbness, stabbing pain and cramping in the legs—which a few sufferers have defined as being as intense as having a toothache within the leg—had been because of a spinal disc herniation.

Unlike the invasive lumbar laminectomy, the endoscopic technique entails only one small incision on the patient’s side. The procedure allows the surgeon to address the cause of the ailment while minimizing symptoms from surgery-incision pain and muscle dissection pain. But Dr. K. Sridhar also notes that the procedure is not for everybody. “That is the best option for patients with symptoms in one leg this is resulting from a disc herniation or Foraminal stenosis,” he advised. “It’s exciting so one can provide the least invasive surgical treatment for the finest immediate benefit to the patient,” Dr. K. Sridhar said. “The reason why I was excited to adopt and assist develop the procedure is that I can provide the same benefits to patients as more invasive to offer the same benefits to sufferers as a more invasive procedure does with the least incision and risk.”

In the future, Dr. K. Sridhar Best NeuroSurgeon at the Global Hospital hopes to help evolve the tool to be able to use it for removing the spinal column and spinal cord tumors. This would allow surgeons to remove tumors with less incision and shorter recovery time.  He’s hopeful that the process could be adapted for tumor removal within the next two to three years. 

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