Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai today claimed it has end up the first healthcare facility in Asia-pacific area to apply robot era for neurosurgery, successfully carrying out 4 surgical procedures for treatment of epilepsy this month. The brand new era robot surgical generation - Rosa - will help a wide range of surgical interventions to deal with Parkinson and epilepsy treatments, brain tumours, hemorrhagic strokes and endoscopic surgical operation of the brain.

 The robotic is comparable to a "GPS" for the brain and may be used for steering, precision and accuracy all through a selection of cranial processes. It requires surgical making plans with preoperative imaging facts, affected person registration and precise positioning and handling of tool. Thus far, Rosa is the only of robot assistants accepted for neurosurgical strategies and in recurring medical use in Europe, America, and Canada, Dr. K Sridhar top neurosurgeon Chennai.

 "Although robotics could no longer replace a healthcare professional's talent and can't accomplish all neurosurgical obligations, it gives a precise, mathematically accurate trajectory to the destination within the brain. In that trajectory, it will guide the health care professional's instruments for something be the purpose. Except presenting this precision and accuracy, it allows the surgeons to focus on different components of the surgical operation," said Dr. K Sridhar top neurosurgeon Chennai said. Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai has already commissioned a da Vinci robot technology for surgical solution for all cases.

When you choose Dr. K Sridhar top neurosurgeon Chennai, you’re selecting a tremendously certified crew for your care: physicians with mounted facts of fulfillment and instant access to the modern-day technologies and studies, one of the country’s top medical colleges. Together with his knowledge within the screening, prognosis and treatment of complex brain and spine issues, you may be assured that your coordinated care plan can be the right one for you, imparting patients with instant get admission to the highest widespread of care and the today's treatment protocols to minimize long-term disability and save lives.

Best neurosurgeon Global hospital Chennai collaborates to offer sufferers, their families and their referring physicians the finest care and most promising alternatives available for each neurosurgical and neurological circumstance. Their information within the screening, prognosis and treatment of complicated brain and backbone issues offers sufferers a big breadth and depth of knowledge rarely found in one health system.

Patients are cared for by way of multidisciplinary teams that coordinate and customize treatment to satisfy the particular needs of every patient. Dr. K Sridhar top neurosurgeon Chennai uses the most recent technologies for prognosis and treatment. They encompass:


  • Personalized treatment for diagnosing and treating brain tumors and vascular formations
  • Implemented discoveries approximately the genetic basis of multiple sclerosis
  • Actual-time MR imaging and angiography for endovascular treatments and brain tumor treatment.


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