Pediatric cardiology is a branch of pediatrics which deals with coronary heart and coronary heart related issues of kids. Children with heart ailment had huge variations in all the domains of frailty, which protected weakness, slowness, height and weight, exhaustion and physical activity degrees, compared with children without the condition, most kids with a heart condition are born with a congenital heart illness. So the sooner kids can get diagnosed and treated, if needed, the better.


When little hearts need assist and family’s needs hope, best pediatric cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi is there. Regardless of what type of heart trouble your baby has or wherein you stay, he uses the new, most superior technologies to diagnose and deal with children of every age with all varieties of pediatric heart sickness, from the slight to the extraordinarily complex. Dr. Kulbhushan S. Dagar cardiac surgeon Delhi makes a specialty of early detection and restore, in order that your infant could have the best possible chance for a healthy future. Kids from over 76 countries suffering with congenital heart problems have sought successful solution from him which incorporates non-invasive diagnostics, cardiac catheterizations and cardiothoracic surgical procedures. Dr. Kulbhushan S. Dagar cardiac surgeon Delhi has certainly executed 40% of the heart surgeries on kids and new child with complicated heart troubles.

With best pediatric cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi, he understand the importance of instant and proper treatment of any and every heart ailment in the country, he aim to give your child the best possible care and treatment.  Dr. Kulbhushan S. Dagar cardiac surgeon Delhi performs over 1,000 cardiothoracic surgical procedures per year. Some of the India’s sickest children with heart diseases are referred to him due of his expertise and reputation. This includes those patients who have been turned down for surgery elsewhere. His premier cardiac services provide immediate access to highly sophisticated heart surgery to treat the myriad of heart ailments. Best pediatric cardiac surgeon at Max Healthcare Delhi provides the most sophisticated level of pediatric cardiac care in India while easing the emotional and financial strain on families who could otherwise have to travel out-of-country for this stage of care.

India Cardiac Surgery Service as the most famed and best medical provider in India offers all guidance and guide on your child’s heart surgical procedure in India. We are connected with the most experienced cardiologists to deliver the perfect treatment and recuperative plan. Before the surgery, we are able to teach the patient with each truth worried in surgical procedure and maintain the transparency in method, facilities and the related fees. That is surgical packages, which incorporates domiciliary hospitalization and stay in India, in affected person care, post-operative consultancy with complete healthcare advice.


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