Nephrology is a service that offers for diseases of the kidneys that's an abnormality in kidney characteristics of more than 3 months period. This outcome in the accumulation of waste material and water in the body, one of the treatment alternatives available for patients with end-level kidney disorder is a kidney transplant. This involves surgically implanting a functional kidney which can come from a living or a deceased donor. Following transplantation, the patient needs to be on lifelong medicinal drugs to enhance its survival.

Dr. Manju Aggarwal nephrologist Artemis Gurgaon has many years of experience in nephrology at a number of the best medical establishments including the University of Minnesota which is the best in the world.  She is currently associated with Artemis Hospital Gurgaon. Her goal is to offer her transplant patients the best and most superior care available all through all degrees in their transplantation from surgical operation coaching, to the surgical procedure itself, along with postoperative care.

She is the best laparoscopic urologist of India, providing kidney care for patients with acute and chronic renal failure, kidney transplants, and miscellaneous problems. Dr. Manju Aggarwal nephrologist Artemis Gurgaon understands that you will have a lot of questions and concerns throughout the transplantation process and she will be with you every step of the way imparting you with the solutions you searching for and any assistance you want to make the procedure as at ease for you as possible.

Thanks to years of experience, and research, by Dr. Manju Aggarwal nephrologist Artemis Gurgaon that saves your rejection, kidney transplants are overwhelmingly successful, and postoperative complications for transplant patients are few. On average, 85-90% of kidney transplants are successful for at least 2 years, the conventional size factor for achievement, and most for decades more. The best laparoscopic urologist of India has now become the most preferred nephrologist for kidney or renal transplants. The success rate of kidney transplants offered through her is at par with the world's best success rate for renal transplants.

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