Nephrology offers the study of the normal running of the kidneys in addition to their ailments. Nephrology is a strong point of drugs concerned with kidney physiology, kidney disorder, the treatment of kidney problems, and renal replacement remedy. Systemic conditions that affect the kidneys e.g. diabetes and autoimmune disorder and systemic troubles that arise because of kidney problems e.g. metabolic bone illness and hypertension also are studied in nephrology.

Your kidneys remove waste from your bloodstream and regulate your blood pressure. When problems keep your kidneys from working like they should, contact Dr. Manju Aggarwal Artemis hospital Gurugram as she can provide the diagnosis and treatment you need. She offers a comprehensive range of services for the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of acute and chronic kidney diseases. Dr. Manju Aggarwal nephrologist Artemis Gurgaon is well-equipped with modern dialysis technology to conduct regular live-related and deceased donor kidney transplantation. Combining medical expertise, advanced technology, and state-of-art hospital and surgical facilities she provides patients with innovative diagnostic, treatment, prevention, and services for a wide range of kidney disorders and proves herself as the best nephrologist in India. nephrologist in artemis hospital gurgaon has been proud to serve at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon over two decades and continues to be committed to a tradition of excellence. She was the first to practice in India to provide comprehensive care to patients with kidney disease. Contact Dr. Manju Aggarwal Artemis hospital Gurugram at

Dr. Manju Aggarwal nephrologist Artemis Gurgaon is committed to providing excellence in the diagnosis and management of hypertension and kidney disease in India. Patients can contact Dr. Manju Aggarwal Artemis hospital Gurugram as she treats hypertension, acute and chronic kidney diseases, kidney stones, proteinuria, electrolyte problems, and glomerular, diabetic, and polycystic kidney disease. She provides state-of-the-art dialysis care, including hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Dr. Manju Aggarwal nephrologist Artemis Gurgaon believes that by providing her patients with the information they need, they will be able to make better, more informed decisions pertaining to their healthcare.

India laparoscopy surgery service has become popular as a medical provider in the past few years for kidney transplants, mainly because of offering the best of medical services with a lower cost of the procedure, hospitals with advanced technology, no waiting time and e get you in contact Dr. Manju Aggarwal Artemis hospital Gurugram we offer kidney transplant packages these packages include air travel, hotel stay, surgery cost, specialist consultation, medication, offerings of professional staff at low-cost prices. However, it is necessary that patients should be accompanied by a living donor; who must be a family member such as a sibling, parent, or spouse.

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