Dr. Mihir Bapat India is a highly renowned spine surgeon in Mumbai, India, recently reached a milestone as he performed his 500th Oblique Lateral Lumber Interbody Fusion (OLLIF) at cost of robotic spine surgery in India. The OLLIF method represents drug treatments’ modern advancements in minimally invasive spine surgery. It treats the numerous symptoms that lead to back ache, along with: degenerative disc illness, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis, scoliosis, and spinal stenosis.

An OLLIF process is regularly required while a disc is damaged or is degenerated. Generally, the height of the disc is reduced, unstable, and bulging. This condition, in turn, can position pressure on the nerves exiting the backbone and can cause extreme pain in the legs and back. According to top robotic spine surgeon India 2021, that stabbing, crippling pain has been described as worse than childbirth by several of his patients. As people age, their discs emerge as much less elastic and are much less able to stay in top operating situation.

Compared to conventional spinal fusion strategies, OLLIF is a far less invasive surgical approach that doesn't require elimination of any bone or ligament systems. The diseased disc is removed through a small portal that protects the skin, muscles and nerves. After the disc is eliminated and the bone graft material is positioned, an implant is placed within the disc area. The implant keeps the spacing of the vertebrae whilst the fusion takes place. After the fusion is whole, solid bone mass form and the 2 vertebrae are joined together. OLLIF is groundbreaking by today’s requirements and modern in comparison to the 1950s while physicians might remove a bit of the patient’s hip bone and go through their abdomen to area the hip bone piece in the disc space to lift the backbone and take strain off the nerve, by low cost of robotic spine surgery in India.

A surgery that used to require seven or eight hours is now frequently performed as an outpatient procedure. OLLIF sufferers are frequently up and walking with help before a patient present process traditional open spine surgical procedure would also be out of surgery. Hospital stays that were often up to five days in length are a thing of the past along with low cost of robotic spine surgery in India.

Of his milestone 500th OLLIF procedure, Dr. Mihir Bapat India shared: “My proudest moment was to see that patient walk two hours after surgery, and then go home the next day making jokes with staff and feeling pain loose for the first time in years.″ Dr. Mihir Bapat India has done over 1000 spine surgeries at Kokilaben health hospital. He has special interest in degenerative disorders of the lumbar and cervical spine, scoliosis and pediatric deformity and minimally invasive spine surgical procedure. The complication rate at < 2% (benchmark 3%-5%) is extraordinarily low leading to high excessive patient satisfaction rate.

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