Mazor Robotics is a leader in the field of surgical guidance systems, introduced PROlat case was performed by Dr. Mihir Bapat top minimally invasive spine surgeon in India.  Prolate is a single-function answer for placing pedicle screws and different spinal hardware within the lateral decubitus function with the renaissance® steering tool.

I’m very excited to provide the brand new Mazor X™ device’s robotic technology to our patients seeking affordable in cost robotic spine surgery in India,” says Dr. Mihir Bapat top minimally invasive spine surgeon in India.

“We have been performing best robotic spine surgery in India and we are able to offer robotic surgery to our patients both for minimally invasive spine surgical operation and scoliosis reconstruction.  His research is already showing that robotic surgery can decrease intra-operative radiation to patients in the operating room, as well as improve the accuracy of surgery and decrease patient complications. The brand new Mazor x™ device represents the destiny of robot spine surgery and could lead to many future breakthroughs through combining the robotic surgical procedures with intraoperative spinal navigation and increasing the variety and kinds of surgical procedures we are capable of performing with robots guidance. "

Dr. Mihir Bapat top minimally invasive spine surgeon in India has performed over 500 procedures with Mazor Robotics technology. Lateral approaches have been gaining acceptance in India, as he has an aging population that benefits highly from the low cost of robotic spine surgery in India,” said best robotic spine surgery in India.

 “I perform lateral techniques each year, so the PROlat modified into something that made a number of experience to me as a way to revel in the benefits of the Renaissance technology even as the affected person stays in a single lateral position. We had been capable of saving 30-40 mins with the aid of not flipping the patient, that's less time for the patient to be under anesthesia, and much less cost for the hospital.”

Through his management and significant experience, he is reshaping the future of spine surgical treatment by enhancing patient safety and decreasing recuperation time. With the contemporary launch of the Mazor, X™ system comes stepped forward surgical accuracy while incorporating a combination of robotics and live intra-operative navigation. Dr. Mihir Bapat top minimally invasive spine surgeon in India said, "We have a solid reputation as an established leader in spine surgery, and this latest offering provides our patients with the latest advanced medical technology."

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