Minimally invasive surgery reduces pain, scarring, and recovery time for sufferers. Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy Bangalore is now offering single port, robotic-assisted kidney cancer surgery thanks to the expertise of robot treatment of renal cell carcinoma.

The surgical procedure is known as single port robot partial nephrectomies, or single-port robot surgical procedure, which makes use of the da Vinci SP® Single Port Surgical System, a technological advancement to deal with complicated kidney cancers thru one small incision.

Best robotic urology surgeon in Bangalore stated the intention of the surgical treatment is to remove the kidney cancer, at the same time as retaining 50-75% of the remaining kidney, which decreases the chance of renal failure. Complex robot surgery is the leading edge of technology and introduces new knowledge and surgical strategies formerly no longer available in India.
The single-port robotic-assisted technology is connected to stepped forward patient outcomes by decreasing scarring, pain, and recovery times for patients by providing surgeons the capability to use one small incision to create a minimally invasive option for complex strategies. The previous technology, the da Vinci xi robot, takes up to six incisions to dock the robotic arms and complete the kidney surgical treatment.

The single-port robot-assisted surgical operation includes using 4 multi-jointed, wristed surgical devices, such as a steerable 3D high-definition camera and an assistant accent port into the affected person's abdomen through one small incision. The single-port surgical device arm permits 360-diploma access to the stomach. Those units are under the direct manipulate of the surgeon, offering delivered precision and dexterity and offering more management and range of movement than well-known instruments.

With 25 years of experience, Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy Bangalore is a worldwide leader in robot surgical procedures who teaches other surgeons how to benefit robotic surgical treatment expertise which he says has converted the treatment of kidney and prostate cancer.

“In the past, the options had been open surgical treatment through a foot-long incision close to the 12th rib cutting thru muscle and regularly required doing away with a rib. The old robotic surgical treatment approach concerned six incisions for kidney or prostate surgical treatment the use of the xi robotic to remove tumors. The methods required 4 to 5 months predicted healing time and a 4-5-day hospital stay. With the De Vinci SP® single-port surgical system, patients can expect a 2-3-week restoration time and an in a single day stay,” said the best robotic urology surgeon in Bangalore, an expert in growing novel strategies for robotic and laparoscopic surgical treatment.
The advantage for the patient, Dr Mohan Keshavamurthy Bangalore says, is to remove the kidney cancer and reduce the need for dialysis post-surgery.

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