Neurosurgical problems seen via pediatric neurosurgeons are regularly quite different from the ones usually visible by adults or preferred neurosurgeons. Unique education in pediatric illnesses as they relate to pediatric neurosurgical sicknesses is critical.  Pediatric neurosurgical issues regularly are present at the birth. Pediatric neurosurgeons have a unique and longstanding relationship with their sufferers. Children with apprehensive system issues often require ongoing and near follow-up throughout their youth till youngsters.

Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay Hospital is internationally recognized for his outstanding research and care of infants, children, and young adults with a range of neurosurgical disorders. His aim has always been to deliver an outstanding experience to international patients who step and attain prominence globally in the field of neurosurgery. And de does that by combining cutting-edge research and personalized care. Dr. Naresh Biyani offers an individualized, family-centered approach to neurosurgical treatment that helps ensure positive outcomes.

From initial diagnosis to optimal treatment solutions to postsurgical care and neurosurgical rehabilitation and recovery, Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay Hospital provides the full range of pediatric neurosurgical services tailored to your child’s unique needs. With comprehensive care for the most complex brain or spinal surgeries, international patients count on his expertise and experience to provide the most advanced neurosurgical treatment options for children of all ages.  Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay Hospital understands that every overseas patient has different needs and he is here to ensure personalized guidance throughout their treatment in India.

Dr. Naresh Biyani is a stalwart in the field of neurosurgery who has successfully performed numerous neurosurgeries & provides specialized services to treat 99% brain stem surgery cases in India. His latest is the successful adoption of image guided tumor navigation technology in the treatment of deep seated tumours. The high success rate is due to the expertise and collaborative nature he has to offer. Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay Hospital provides a full range of pediatric neurosurgical services that incorporates the newest technologies and procedures, as well as compassionate family-centered care within the finest of pediatric medical centers.

Spine and Neurosurgery Service India is best medical provider in India imparting end-to-end medical travel and tourism services to medical tourists who travel overseas to undergo such pediatric neurology care which are either unavailable or having long waiting period or too expensive in their home countries. Spine and Neurosurgery Service India associate with hospitals and multi super specialty health care centers who are backed by revolutionary technology when it comes to providing healthcare services and solutions. Coming to India for a pediatric neurology care by Dr. Naresh Biyani helps save a significant amount of money, sometimes to the tune of 50 % to 70 %.


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