It can be scary to know your child has a neurological ailment or damage, however, improvements in medicines make it feasible for medical doctors and surgeons to efficaciously manage and deal with many brain, spine, and nervous system conditions. Pediatric neurology is a unique medical field that gives the surest care and welfare for children with unique neurological and neurodevelopment disorders. Because of the new generation and minimally-invasive techniques, faster recuperation and better effects for kids are becoming the norm.


As a nationally recognized pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay Hospital gives an entire spectrum of neurosurgical subspecialties for children with injuries or diseases of the brain or spinal cord. He is committed to providing outstanding medical care in a patient- and family-centered care environment. Dr. Naresh Biyani India devotes his capabilities, knowledge & experience to working for those mentally challenged infants. He specializes in pediatric neurologic issues. Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon at Bombay Hospital provides comprehensive, exquisite neurological sessions and areas of expertise in neurological care to children with diseases affecting the nervous system and muscles. He evaluates and gives the complete care to kids with neurologic issues. Dr. Naresh Biyani India diagnoses and treats these complicated neurological conditions.


Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon at Bombay Hospital is dedicated to providing the very best of care for children who want neurosurgical treatment or evaluation. His experience, expertise, and access to leading-edge technology allow him to provide the most advanced, minimally invasive care. Dr. Naresh Biyani India is committed to clinical excellence in an environment that emphasizes the safety and comfort of his patients and families. He gives a complete range of pediatric neurosurgical offerings that include new technology and strategies, further to compassionate family-focused care. Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon at Bombay Hospital considers it a privilege to care for your child and family. He uses the latest technologies to ensure your child undergoes the safest, most effective surgery. Children deserve the most expert care. Dr. Naresh Biyani India offers the only pediatric neurosurgery capability in India.


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