Top pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay hospital Mumbai accommodates one of the most important pediatric neurosurgery practices India. Children and their families travel from around the world to be cared for by Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay Hospital, who's chief within the surgical treatment of brain tumors, hydrocephalus, chiari malformation, spine and spinal cord tumors, epilepsy, craniofacial disorders, and different conditions that have an effect on the brain.

Top pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay hospital Mumbai, presents advanced care of brain and spinal cord tumors. He has a global reputation for excellence in the surgical treatment of craniopharyngioma, optic pathway tumors, and tumors of the cerebellum, brainstem, and spinal cord.


“Our treatment encompass the use of the modern image technology which includes intraoperative MRI+, which is done all through surgical procedure to offer actual-time brain imaging; 3-D modeling to create an photograph of the brain to help in surgical planning; and advanced neural monitoring for the duration of surgical procedure to assess brain activity.

Our surgeons are recognized professionals in the treatment of congenital conditions affecting the brain, inclusive of hydrocephalus, chiari malformation, and spina bifida. For children with hydrocephalus, our neurosurgeons perform shunt surgical operation in addition to endoscopic 1/3 ventriculostomy, that's an alternative for some kids who do not require a permanent shunt and drainage tube” said Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay hospital

Surgical operation for children with epilepsy

Top pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay hospital Mumbai, part of the pediatric epilepsy program, specialize in a diffusion of techniques for the surgical treatment of epilepsy, which include the subsequent:

  • Intracranial tracking, which involves the temporary implantation of electrodes within the brain to pinpoint the source of seizure activity
  • Robotic-assisted techniques that permit for smaller incisions and superior surgical precision
  • Vagal nerve stimulation and responsive neural stimulation (RNS®), wherein indicators are sent to the brain which can stop seizure activity

“Neurosurgeons place the RNS® system, a small monitoring tool, at the region of the brain in which seizures are probably to arise. The tool monitors the brain for seizure interest and promises short bursts of stimulation whilst seizure pastime is detected. We’ve got dealt with more than 1,000 children who've craniofacial issues such as craniosynostosis, a condition that cause the bones in an infant’s skull to fuse collectively earlier than the brain has completed development” stated Dr. Naresh Biyani pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay Hospital

“Our staff will pre hand speak to you and request all required tests and office work, so we know who your baby is, why you're here, and what you need. Our doctors expect your questions and offer the information you need to make sound choices about your toddler’s care” concluded top pediatric neurosurgeon Bombay hospital Mumbai.


Dr. Naresh Biyani: Bombay Hospital & Medical Research Centre

12, Vitthaldas Thackersey Marg,

Near to Liberty Cinema, New Marine Lines,

Marine Lines, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400020

 Email:[email protected]

Phone No.: +91-9325887033

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