Watchful waiting and treatment choice are the current hot topics in the conflict against prostate cancer. To treat it or not with is even more closely debated while men advance in age. A growing wide number of experts maintain that prostate cancer poses confined instantaneous health risks and that older patient’s need not problem themselves to treatment such as prostate cancer surgery or radiation for prostate cancer. Dr. Pawan Mehta renal transplant surgeon in india, leads the charge within the aggressive and immediate treatment of prostate cancer. As a leading robot prostatectomy surgeon, he has performed over 3,800 successful prostate removal surgical techniques; a large extensive sort of his patients over age sixty five.

Dr. Pawan Mehta Urologist Delivers Quality of Life After Prostate Cancer, Regardless of Age

“The justification is honestly quite simple,” Dr. Pawan Mehta explains, “Prostate cancer is an endemic and robot surgical operation is a tremendously helpful, minimally invasive way to treat it. The patient I meet are never willing to wait they are in constant anxiety and fear regarding the state of the cancer. They are among active men who are at any age and want to experience their families, their wives, and their busy lives.” Their findings show a boom in active prostate cancer treatment in men with shorter life expectancy and a mild-risk diagnosis. As such, the research team indicates that, in a few men, treatment may be more aggressive than warranted.

Prostate cancer is diagnosed via a PSA blood tests and digital rectal examination (DRE). Abnormal values are subsequently followed by using biopsy. Currently, but, prostate cancer diagnostic equipment are limited of their ability to accurately stage the disease. This creates more complex treatment choices whereby specialists and patients ought to weigh age, wellbeing, life-style, treatment side effects, and analysis information cautiously. Today age is very relative, so we can generalize what is best for you.” Stated Dr. Pawan Mehta Urologist BLK hospital, “Once I know I can secure and efficiently function on an elderly man, get rid of his prostate cancers, and give him a valuable life I am assured recommending robot surgical operation.” In Dr. Mehta’s success stories is 79-year-old Anuj Apte. Diagnosed last year with advanced prostate cancer, Anuj immediately sought Dr. Pawan Mehta. “I was skeptical for my chances of becoming his patient,” stated Dr. Mehta, “but I felt my life depended on it.” After a thorough consultation, Dr. Pawan Mehta Urologist BLK Hospital saw beyond Anuj’s age and agreed to operate on him. “This is a man who leads a completely full life. He wasn’t inclined to be sidelined by means of prostate cancer and that I knew that with robotic surgery I should give him the overall healing and great of life’s he deserves,” Dr. Pawan Mehta brought. Anuj’s surgery was a success and simply six weeks later his PSA level was zero. “He was taking walks across the hospital room simply hours after the procedure. Anuj isn’t the exception, however he is a exceptional patient,” commented Dr. Pawan Mehta, “His determination is not just for recovering, but a quality of life at any age is a testament to the function that minimally invasive robot surgery can play in curing prostate cancer.”

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