Paediatric cardiac surgery is quite complex and needs sophisticated technologically and advanced miniature equipment for proper treatment and care of the children. Early prognosis and early treatment are essential in congenital heart defects, as children with untreated heart failure go through as an example of growth failure and lung troubles that complicate surgical treatment. The idea of minimally invasive surgical operation for congenital heart ailment in pediatric patients is wide, and has the intention of reducing the trauma of the operation at each level of management

To decide on the best surgery for your child, Dr. Rajesh Sharma pediatric cardiac surgeon Fortis starts with advanced cardiac imaging to examine your child’s heart. This gives him the detailed information to decide on the best treatment option. You first meet him and surgical team to go over the planned procedure. And, Dr. Rajesh Sharma pediatric cardiac surgeon Fortis cares for your child from that moment throughout the entire operation and recovery. Your child’s care is his top priority in the operating room and dedicated pediatric cardiac intensive care following the operation. Communication with families among his highest priorities, Dr. Rajesh Sharma pediatric cardiologist in Fortis Hospital Delhi answers all your questions in a caring and respectful manner. From his first meetings to during hospitalization and when your child goes home, he keep the lines of communication with you open.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma pediatric cardiac surgeon Fortis offers a comprehensive and personalized approach to care that is designed to simplify the diagnosis, evaluation and treatment process. He offers expert congenital diaphragmatic hernia (CDH) care. Survival rates for babies after undergoing cardiac procedure with Dr. Rajesh Sharma pediatric cardiologist in Fortis Hospital Delhi are among some of the best in the country. Special attention is given to families during this stressful time of surgical procedure, and every attempt is made to have parents be with their child as much as possible during the hospital stay. Dr. Rajesh Sharma pediatric cardiac surgeon Fortis has performed more than 20,000 cardiac surgery procedures in his career along with both adult and congenital heart diseases. His subject of interest is the surgical treatment of complex congenital heart diseases.

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