State-of-the-art facility & multidisciplinary team approach of best pediatric cardiothoracic in Fortis Hospital Delhi expand care for children with complex congenital heart defects

Dr. Rajesh Sharma India has launched a comprehensive program to serve the medical and surgical needs of a growing population of children born with congenital heart disease. Team of the best pediatric cardiothoracic in Fortis Hospital Delhi, provides a seamless experience.

Children with congenital heart disease will still be able to acquire outpatient care, while they serve as a crucial strong point expansion for ambulatory services. “Our center will leverage the records of our congenital cardiothoracic surgeons and pediatric cardiologists, while supplying seamless care to patients with complex congenital coronary heart defects and disease that require a constellation of well-coordinated care from fetal life to maturity,” says best pediatric cardiothoracic in Fortis Hospital Delhi.

Congenital heart disorder is the number 1 birth disorder, and each year nearly 1 out of one hundred babies are born with some form of this circumstance.  Nationwide, 2.4 million people are residing with congenital coronary heart sicknesses, but ninety probabilities of them aren’t getting the care had to keep away from surprising and intense fitness issues. We intend to change this.

 “We offer families and their families with the potential to have a preop go to wherein they are going to have surgical procedure, making this hard time less difficult for our patients and their families,” says Dr. Rajesh Sharma India. “Our vision for the layout of the new congenital heart center was a of a welcoming, infant-friendly, and circle of relatives-targeted space,” said best pediatric cardiothoracic in Fortis Hospital Delhi.

A national leader in pediatric and congenital cardiac surgery, the pediatric congenital heart program by best pediatric cardiothoracic in Fortis Hospital Delhi has a 99 percent survival rate, exceeding those of the largest program inside the northeast region and the countrywide average, in line with statistics from the most recently established society of thoracic surgeons data. Dr. Rajesh Sharma India at the Pediatric Congenital Heart Program diagnose and treat the most complex and rare congenital and acquired heart defects in patients from the fetal period to adulthood.

“To optimize the health of patients with congenital coronary heart disorder, we've designed a program to make certain professional coordination through the specialists of pediatric cardiology, pediatric cardiac surgical treatment, says best pediatric cardiothoracic in Fortis Hospital Delhi. “We manual the changing needs of patients as they increase from early life to maturity, transitioning from pediatric to person care, permitting to seamlessly offer care to kids and adults.”

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