Learning that your child needs heart surgical treatment is never easy. However, the appropriate news is that coronary heart surgery has turned out to be especially subtle over time, with excessive reliability and safety, even in very small infants. In fact, certain congenital coronary heart defects may be repaired with a single surgical treatment achieved in early infancy. Other complex heart defects, such as single-ventricle lesions, might also require a series of operations, beginning in the first months of life, and require regular follow-up care.

Best pediatric cardiothoracic Fortis hospital Delhi performs nearly 250 cardiac surgeries per year, making them leaders within the area. Dr. Rajesh Sharma has massively enjoyed performing successful cardiac reconstructive methods and heart transplants for toddlers and kids with complicated cardiovascular issues.

Why best pediatric cardiothoracic Fortis hospital Delhi?

  • Surgical knowledge. Dr. Rajesh Sharma performs over 250 cardiac surgical procedures every year for patients starting from fragile newborns facing complex, challenging health troubles, to adults with complex congenital heart disease.
  • Multidisciplinary care team. Every patient gets care from a multidisciplinary group of skilled cardiologists, surgeons, intensivists, anesthesiologists, nurse practitioners, and nurses.
  • Advanced specialty programs. Further to his surgical expertise, the best pediatric cardiothoracic Fortis hospital Delhi provides the cutting-edge in imaging, electrophysiology, fetal care, and the most superior cardiac techniques.
  • Devoted cardiovascular genomics program, together with pediatric experts to pick out hereditary conditions in young children and provide insights into the most appropriate early treatment.
  • Fortis hospital Delhi. An award-winning team of heart and vascular doctors leading the country in high-quality patient outcomes and innovative heart research, Dr. Rajesh Sharma offers the total variety of advanced treatments to you, the art hospitals consistently ranked a few of the top programs, each locally and nationally.
  • Child life services. From the start, your family will receive individualized guidance from our nurse navigators and other ancillary service companies during your journey. In addition, the best pediatric cardiothoracic Fortis hospital Delhi affords experts in your infant to ease the tension and strain that may affect them in the course of a hospital stay or outpatient method. As every child is distinct, our programs are rich with various equipment to individualize their therapy and stay.
  • Studies and clinical trials. Dr. Rajesh Sharma is devoted to staying on the cutting side of new techniques to diagnose and deal with various conditions. Best pediatric cardiothoracic Fortis hospital Delhi is actively involved with medical studies along a spectrum of fetal cardiology, congenital coronary heart disorder, ACHD, and complex hereditary arrhythmias.

“Adult congenital heart patients are the fastest-growing subset of our populace. We provide continuity of care for teens with coronary heart sickness transitioning to adulthood. With over 30 years of experience in heart transplantation, we continue to be one of the global leaders in this area of expertise for patients with congenital heart disease as well as cardiomyopathy. We follow our patients into adulthood and provide redo coronary heart transplants as well as multi-organ transplants and/ or mechanical coronary heart device alternatives.

Our surgical team works collaboratively with the interventional cardiology crew to perform ground-breaking "hybrid" methods on select sufferers to offer a less invasive treatment for congenital heart and valvular disease. Arrhythmia surgical procedure in patients with heart defects, in addition to novel cardiac resynchronization therapy as a hybrid technique, is being completed. We are constantly striving to increase and convey reducing fringe of technology to provide the very best requirements of patient care and safety” concluded best pediatric cardiothoracic Fortis hospital Delhi.

Dr. Rajesh Sharma
Director and Head Paediatric Cardiac Surgery Fortis
Email: [email protected]
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