Dr. Rajiv Parakh Medanta with innovative strategies has perfected minimally invasive procedures to restore blood go with the flow to decrease extremities — preventing amputation for lots tormented by the superior peripheral arterial sickness (PAD) and crucial Limb Ischemia (CLI). Almost 2 million people dwelling with limb loss in India. Amongst the ones residing with limb loss, the primary causes are vascular ailment (54%) — inclusive of diabetes and peripheral arterial disorder. nearly 185,000 amputations arise in India each year.

Peripheral arterial ailment (PAD) is a chronic vascular ailment characterized by using impaired blood movement to the lower extremities. Its most extreme stage is essential limb ischemia (CLI) which increases the danger of cardiovascular activities, amputation, and dying. In widespread, those cases are associated with cardiovascular illnesses as well as PAD diminishing blood flow to peripheral arteries, which includes arms, legs, and toes. Claudication, the feeling of painful muscle cramps in a limb, is produced through a lack of oxygenated blood go with the flow and accumulation of metabolic byproducts in muscular tissues after simple activities, such as taking walks.
The best vascular surgeon in Gurgaon desired to carry attention to his revolutionary minimally invasive treatment that could prevent amputation or other deadly outcomes for advanced PAD or CLI patients. Dr. Rajiv Parakh Medanta explained, “We trust, the healing procedure for arterial disorder starts with the aid of treating the healthy patient first. From patients eating regimen to their medicinal drug, alternate of lifestyle, and applying effective intervention can achieve effects simplest matched with the aid of only a few centers globally.”

“Because of atherosclerosis or hardening and narrowing of the arteries, the sickness may be worsened with smoking, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, age, genetics, diabetes, high blood pressure, and high LDL cholesterol. It regularly has no signs and symptoms until plaque ruptures or the build-up is severe sufficient to block blood float. Remedies include medication, Angiography, Atherectomy, and different procedures to open blocked arteries. Best vascular surgeon in Gurgaon makes a specialty of reducing the risks of vascular disorder, reducing pain, growing mobility, and stopping harm to tissues.”

Dr. Rajiv Parakh Medanta is specialized in vascular surgical procedures, Vein treatment, general surgeries, and Dialysis to get admission to surgeries. His understanding of the vascular surgical operation, interventional radiology, endovascular surgical procedure, robot surgical procedures, and superior laparoscopic surgical procedures helped many with a purpose to enhance the satisfaction of life. With substantial experience and with excellence at par, the Best vascular surgeon in Gurgaon along with his precise clinical approach is serving many lives and raised the bar for others in minimally invasive surgical procedures spanning from arterial disease to recurring surgical procedures. As he stated

”Our minimally invasive technique to venous, arterial, and dialysis access treatments has benefited our patients as they acquire comprehensive care in one health facility for all their vascular and trendy surgical treatment issues.” He brought, “we are accomplishing outcomes that no different single-area of expertise vascular organization can obtain. the name of the game to our success is without doubt partnering surgeons and internists together in achieving one common purpose this is to treat peripheral arterial sickness.”

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