15 Jan 2020, Delhi - The field of neurosurgery is practically unrecognizable compared with when it got its start more than a century ago. Now treating complex brain conditions is safer and more efficient than ever before, due to improvement in surgical technology. Minimally invasive brain surgical procedure is a way of treating brain tumors and different neurological conditions that use small incisions within the scalp and skull to get into the brain. Small tools are inserted through those incisions and are guided by the use of actual-time video imaging technology. Minimally invasive surgical treatment can exactly isolate and target only the bad portions of the brain.

Minimally Invasive Brain Tumor Surgery in India

According to Dr. Rana Patir, “When many people think of brain surgery, they think of lengthy recovery and extensive scarring or plastic surgery, Today that’s not always the case. As minimally invasive surgical alternatives continue to grow, we can now offer more sufferers an improved quality of life without decreasing the effectiveness in their treatments. In some patients, we avoid surgery altogether through active monitoring (often checking for tumor changes) or medical management. But, not every person who needs brain surgery is the right applicants for a minimally invasive approach. It’s expected about half of the patients in his practice have been dealt with a minimally invasive approach. Minimally invasive techniques are the new frontier in neurosurgery, and technological innovation and integration are important to ongoing development within the application of those techniques. Using smart telephones with endoscopes is a secure and efficient new technique of performing endoscope-assisted neurosurgery which can increase surgeon mobility and reduce equipment costs. In fact, this improved mobility was diagnosed as the finest advantage of the use of the smart phone-endoscope system compared with using the neuro endoscopy with the standard video set.”

Dr. Rana Patir is an eminent Neurosurgeon of India with more than 23 years of experience in the field of advanced neurosurgery, currently associated as Head and Director - Department of Neurosurgery Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon. He is one of the best neurosurgeons and spinal surgeons in India, having more than 10,000 neurosurgical procedures to his credit. With specialization in performing minimally invasive spine and brain surgery, he has successfully operated some of the most complicated brain tumor surgeries. He is some of the few surgeons in the country to find special interest in complex brain tumor surgical procedures and has effectively operated on a large number of brain tumor patients. Regardless of how complex your condition, he is dedicated to helping your proper diagnosis and develop a comprehensive and precise treatment plan in your neurology conditions.

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