“My name is Najiba Hadid from Iraq here starts my story, it’s a terrible situation. You can't get ready yourself for something like this as a result of everything happens so quickly. In my 30s, whereas I used to be busy having kids, I suffered from headaches.

Life was hectic. I worked full time — always have. I thought I had a stressful life and of course that reason for a headache. After my fourth child was born in 2012, my headaches got worse. I was taking 4 to 6 Aleve a day. I put up with this for a long term; however two years later, I finally decided to get checked out. My primary care doctor in Iraq recommended that I get an MRI, which I did. The next day the results came in. I had an aneurysm on the brain. My doctor endorsed that I contact a neurosurgeon to have this looked after without delay, however, I didn’t know of any. Neurosurgeons aren’t the type of medical doctors you keep in your contact list.

I was so shaken up. I didn’t know what to do. Luckily, the doctor who discovered an aneurysm on the brain recommended that I find a neurosurgeon on Google and India has emerged as a preferred place for such sufferers because of the noticeably low fee of treatment and hassle-free visa approval. People from Iraq don’t get visas easily anywhere in the world, which is one of the reasons apart from the quality of treatment at cheaper rates. At first travelling to India had seemed like a daunting proposition to me with a meagre income and a large family to support. But I knew I could trust my judgment because that’s where everyone from Iraq went. My global search for the best neurosurgeon brought me to Dr Rana Patir, best neurosurgeon Fortis Hospital Delhi who is considered as one of the finest surgeons for a brain tumour in India, he has more than 10,000 neurological procedures to his credit who is an expert in a minimally invasive technique to treating craniosynostosis.

We stepped right in and contacted him. I got Dr Rana Patir contact no: +91-9325887033 from the website: https://www.spineandneurosurgeryhospitalindia.com/contact-dr-rana-patir-best-neurosurgeon-fortis-hospital-delhi-india.php, and contact him through email id: [email protected] and deliver all my medical documents. His reply was to meet the patient. We made our way to Gurgaon, India and arrived on 30th of Sept 2017. With amazing speed, from the day I arrived I was sent for medical checks for 6Days continuously, every step we were well informed by the team of Fortis Hospital, Gurgaon, India. Once I talked to Dr Rana Patir the best neurosurgeon at Fortis Hospital Delhi, I was calm again and knew I was going to be okay. I didn’t just come in and say, here is the procedure and here are the forms. He took the time to make sure I understood my situation. He answered every query I had and was so patient. As my aneurysm was detected at an early stage, I had many options. As Dr Patir told me, I was on the right side of an aneurysm. Headaches surely did me favour due to the fact they discovered a situation that would have become lots worse. The next day I was in Fortis Hospital Delhi, Dr Rana Patir, put metal coils in my aneurysm to prevent it from bursting. Everything was done laparoscopically — he inserted surgical instruments through a vein the groin and treat an aneurysm without even having to make an incision. I appreciated the quality care I received at Fortis Hospital Delhi. Dr Rana Patir top neurosurgeon in Delhi called personally to say that the surgery was successful. The private room on the executive floor of the hospital, where his patients and their families are made to feel very much at home, was equipped with a small refrigerator, cable televisions, and pull out beds for family spending the night.
This is how I began my recovery after surgery with confidence and reassurance. I felt well enough to go home and I recovered at home for about a month, and now I’m completely back to normal. Every few years, I have to move back for a cerebral angiogram to ensure the coils are still doing their job and to search for other aneurysms. I have no restrictions or complications.
The procedure I had with Dr Rana Patir best neurosurgeon in India saved my life — in more ways than one. I spend extra time with my family than ever before. My aneurysm was the “reset” button. I am just so grateful to the surgeon and his team at Fortis Hospital Delhi who saved my life, and I feel forever indebted and grateful for Dr Rana Patir’s incredible skill and expertise. Thank you for saving my life.”

Phone: +91 9325887033
Email:[email protected]

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