The nose is the central point of the face and because of that, it can cause discord among facial features. Dr. Rashmi Taneja contours the nose to attain harmony among these features.

According to the Society of Plastic Surgeons, rhinoplasty was the second most popular cosmetic procedure performed in 2008. After fixing Appointment with Dr. Rashmi Taneja for rhinoplasty patients follow this national trend ranging in age from the teens to late 50s.

“There may be a false impression that reshaping the nose is a young indivual’s procedure,” says Dr. Rashmi Taneja. “I recently operated on a 50 years old lady who waited a long to get under this procedure for many years. After she had healed, she was very happy with the effects and couldn’t consider she had waited very long to do it.”

Appointment with Dr. Rashmi Taneja initiates with rhinoplasty patients by asking them to look in the mirror and verbalize what they don’t like about their nose. She will then perform a physical exam of the nose and facial functions, making measurements so that it will optimize facial harmony. Dr. Rashmi Taneja will then explain to the patient what can be done to improve the appearance of the nose and other facial features.

“As soon as the patient and I’ve agreed upon a look, I look at those pictures the night time before surgical treatment and take them into the operating room, just like an artist makes use of sketches whilst she or he sculptures” says Dr. Rashmi Taneja.

Dr. Rashmi Taneja uses two techniques to correct the shape of the nose- a closed or an open approach. The closed method entails making incisions at the interior of the nostril alone. It is used by her when the patient doesn’t need anything done to the end of the nose. The open method uses these same incisions in the nose as well a small and inconspicuous incision below the nostril between the nostrils. That is used after appointment with Dr. Rashmi Taneja to reshape the top.

After the nose job, patients wear a splint for a week to remind the ones across the patient to stay far away from the nose to protect it from damage because it heals. Patients are almost always satisfied about the appearance in their noses following node job, with Dr. Rashmi Taneja. Further to being glad with the physical adjustments of their nose and improved facial stability, patients are now more self-confident.


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