When a 56 ears old guy came to best spine surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai, he had already undergone numerous surgeries on his spine or even had a spinal cord stimulator implanted, yet was informed he could likely feel pain in his right leg for the rest of his life. He saw Dr. S Karunakaran. Who had currently had tested success placing a new device between vertebrae in the spine to help ease pain and increase mobility? It was the first use of the device referred to as aprevo® by Carlsmed, a medical tool company. He suggested it to his patient.

The aprevo® technology, permitted via the food & drug management, is presently in constrained medical release. It’s available only to surgeons with substantial experience treating spinal deformities. In early summer season, Dr. S Karunakaran surgically implanted the tool in his patient, was the second in the world, and the first in India, to accomplish that. Carlsmed makes use of transitive analytics, the system of using data analytics to align effects with expectancies, to increase patient-particular surgical plans and manufacture 3D printed aprevo® devices. The devices are personalized to conform to patient anatomy and correct that affected person’s precise deformity in keeping with their individualized surgical plan.

Spinal cord stimulators encompass thin wires (the electrodes) and a small, pacemaker-like battery pack (the generator). The electrodes are placed between the spinal cord and the vertebrae (the epidural area), and the generator is located below the skin, normally close to the buttocks or abdomen. Spinal cord stimulators permit patients to send the electric impulses the usage of remote manage when they experience pain.

“The endplates of patient bones can be abnormal,” best spine surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai said. Dr. S Karunakaran was aware about aprevo® via his participation inside the scoliosis research society, the world’s biggest organization of spine professionals, which meets frequently to pick out affected person desires and vet solution.

At the same time as named after scoliosis, one cause of adult spinal deformities, the society’s work also proves helpful to sufferers with other conditions and those needs revision surgery to correct earlier processes, he said. His first aprevo® patient has already visible incredible improvement, such as whole resolution of the pain in his right leg for the first time in years, stated.


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