Spinal surgery is a specialized form of surgery catering to patients who need to correct some problems in their spine. Your spine is referred to as second brain of the body and is the area which relays lot o important information between the body and brain.  Spinal injuries are typically fatal and only few may be cured. Your spinal surgeon is a skilled professional a skilled professional who is skilled at performing such surgeries with almost no or minimal loss to you.

Whether you’re looking for a second opinion because you are unsure, or if you’re just looking for peace of mind, best spine surgeon at global hospital Chennai can help. He is happy to provide you with a second opinion regarding your spinal diagnoses. Many of his patients come to him because they unsure or unhappy with their current spinal diagnosis, and are seeking the advice of an expert in the field. Dr. S. Karunakaran spine surgeon Global Chennai treats most issues of the spine, he may be able to provide additional insights into your condition that others might have missed. Because best spine surgeon at global hospital Chennai is an independent practice dedicated solely to treating issues of the spine, you can be confident that your recommendations will be a truly independent analysis.

Dr. S. Karunakaran spine surgeon Global Chennai understands that back surgery is an overwhelming and sometimes alarming thought. You have already suffered for months or years with this consuming pain, and you might have even lost hope that there is a treatment that will work for you.  Fortunately, there is a good answer to those thoughts. While back surgery does carry risks, it can also carry great rewards. Best spine surgeon at global hospital Chennai performs more outpatient, minimally invasive spine surgeries each month than any other spine surgeon in the world.  Dr. S. Karunakaran spine surgeon Global Chennai is capable of providing you with the advice, recommendations, and spine surgery procedures to assist you in living a full and comfortable life again. 

Spine and Neurosurgery Service India helps you get in touch with some of the most popular and best spine surgeon at global hospital Chennai. We provide services to the international patient along with family to ensure a pleasant and comfortable experience throughout their stay. It is our promise that patient can count us at every point, from planning via the execution in their journey and treatment. We offer our assistance at each stage including pre- travel arrangement and pre& post travel arrangements which include passport & visa assistance, itinerary making plans , choice of hospital and surgeons, treatment system, appropriate  accommodation and finally awaited departure back home.


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