The spine or backbone gives balance to the upper a part of our body. It helps to hold the body upright. The care of patients with spinal problems has endured to adapt swiftly over the past decade. Degenerative disease, deformity, trauma and tumor remain the main focus. In the new millennium patients’ needs to be informed to live with their spinal pain, minimally invasive spine surgical procedure makes use of the present advanced technology to treat backache and neck pain by variety of spinal conditions.

If you’re searching out a second opinion due to the fact you're uncertain, or in case you’re just seeking out peace of mind, Dr. S Karunakaran can help. He is happy to provide you with a second opinion regarding your spinal diagnoses. Many of his patients come to him because they unsure or unhappy with their current spinal diagnosis, and are seeking the advice of an expert in the field. As best spine surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai and expert in minimally invasive spine surgery that treats most issues of the spine, he may be able to provide additional insights into your circumstance that others might have neglected. Because Dr. S Karunakaran is an independent practice dedicated solely to treating issues of the spine, you can be confident that your recommendations will be a truly independent analysis.


“I was desperate. I had acute pain shooting down his hip and leg, radiating in all directions. I couldn’t sit or stand, much less sleep. I was in agony. An MRI test showed I had a large herniated disc in my lumbar spine at level L3/L4. I searched the Internet and located best spine surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai. I was impressed after talking to him on phone with the surgeon who explained step by step what I would go through if I needed surgery, it was one of the very pleasing conversations I have ever had. I was able to schedule appointment to see Dr. S Karunakaran right away. That same day, within hours, he explained that he had a large herniated disc pressing on one of his spinal nerves.  I had the micro lumbar discectomy in the morning, and three hours later, I was pain-free.  Really, like a miracle. Thank you, best spine surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai; you gave me my life back!”


Spine and Neurosurgery Service India as a clinical tourism promoter is going to make a big difference as compared to the modern-day conventional manner of imparting medical-surgical offerings to the worldwide sufferers touring India from different corners of the world. When distance is not a concern and you are ready to travel halfway around the globe to an exotic and historic destination like India for Healthcare, we offers you attractive alternatives and exceptional benefits whether or not you and your family are medically insured by fixing your instant appointment with best spine surgeon at Global Hospital Chennai.  Spine and Neurosurgery Service India make your medical-travel a very successful and remarkable event by scheduling local sightseeing too during your stay.


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